Foundation is the, well, foundation upon which our entire beauty routine is built. It is the formula we touch every single day, and the formula we put the most thought and research into. After all, it sets the tone for your entire look, and nobody wants to endure the makeup horror story that is 'your-face-is-a-different-shade-than-your-body' — yikes!

That being said, finding our foundation soulmate is comparable to finding a decent date on Bumble in that the overwhelming options can make us either want to throw in the towel altogether or just go for the first option in front of you. Neither of these moves work in the dating app world, and they certainly don’t work in the makeup world. But, picking the right foundation is a crucial decision and not one to be taken lightly, so we consulted with some our most-trusted makeup artists to give us the scoop on the formulas they swear by. Here are their picks...



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