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Ahhh the updo. For some reason, even the word paints a picture of a pretty masterpiece of hair paired with a Cinderella-like gown (and optional glass slippers). Whether in the form of a bun, pony or braid, updos have a way of making us feel just a little more elegant and refined. As a result, your walk is a little lighter, your head is a little higher and you constantly have to resist the urge to do the princess wave as you walk through a room. Yup, we’ve been there.

The beauty of updos is they come in various styles and looks. If you’re a loyal follower of MDC, you know we spend quite a bit of time on updo tutorials for any and all occasions. Weddings, girls’ night out, date night. You name it, we’ve got an updo for it. To show our loyal devotion to formal hairstyles, we’re bringing you our top hair updo tutorials. Your hair may never be the same.

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The Perfect Messy Bun in 3 Steps 

messy bun tutorial
All hail the hairstyle that never lets us down. Less complicated than it looks, this updo has a way of working with any and all ensembles. The best part: when random strangers approach you with awe in their eyes and ask, “How did you get your hair like that?” It’s amazing what a teaser brush and a few bobby pins can do.

1-Minute Makeover: The Longer, Fuller Ponytail

how to make a fuller ponytail

We’ve all tried to replicate those full, bouncy ponytails we’ve seen on TV to no avail. Somehow natural ponytails seem to just hang lifeless and limp. And if your pony does have some pep, it loses it after an hour or two. Kiss your pony woes goodbye with this miracle trick that will get you a fuller, bouncier pony that lasts all day!

How To: The Ballerina Bun

how to make a ballerina bun

How’s your pirouette? Not looking so good? When in doubt, fake it! Make everyone believe you’re one pretty prima ballerina with a hairstyle that screams Swan Lake! Whip out that tutu! It’s time to twirl!

How To: The Chic Chignon

how to do a chignon

Of all the updos, this one is a classic. Updos that withstand the hands of time deserve to be recognized… in tutorial form. Check out our ode to the chignon via a super-easy how to.

Tuesday Tutorial: The Textured Pony

how to do a textured pony

Sometimes ponytails need a little oompf. When a sleek, clean pony isn’t your style, try adding some texture and life to it. Check out this tutorial on how to get a messy pony that’s pure perfection.

The Perfect Messy Chignon in 5 Steps

how to do a messy chignon

Don’t get us wrong, we love a sleek updo. However, we really love when a chic ‘do gets a little mussed up. Step up your chignon game with this tutorial that will give your sleek bun some life!

Bridal Hairstyle You Can Do Yourself: The Romantic Side Bun

how to do a side chignon

If you love a sweet and simple bun, you’ll LOVE this slight sideswept version. A twist on an old fave, this bun is a little more unexpected, but still classy. Get a little romantic with your hair and see if you don’t meet your Prince Charming (or Mr. Pretty Cute, whatever works).

Tuesday Tutorial: Step Up Your Sock Bun

how to do a sock bun

We know you’ve heard of the sock bun. Although the name sounds a little strange and not-so-cute, we assure you this little bun-maker will save your life. Find out how to get a PERFECT bun in under a minute with a sock bun!

The Double Fishtail Bun

double fishtail bun

Put a braid on it! Are you getting bored of your librarian-like hairstyle? Upgrade that traditional bun by adding two fishtails. You’ll be surprised by results and you may never go back to your plain, old bun again!

The Quick, Slicked-Back Pony

slicked back pony

Sleek and chic hairstyles are huge right now, and we are all about it! There’s nothing classier than a slicked back pony, yet some of us still haven’t perfected this look! Find out how to get a sleek pony that will make you talk of the town.

The Fully Done Half Updo You’ll Love

half updo

Calling Ariana Grande! We’re stealing a page from the pop singer’s book, by replicating her famous full half-updo, and adding a little MDC twist to it. This half-up pony is sweet with a whole lot of va-va-volume.

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Which of these hairstyles will you be trying first? Sound off in the comments below.


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