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What You Should Always Do Before You Go to Bed

So, it’s nighttime and you’re all bundled up under the covers, currently catching up on your newest Netflix obsession. Getting out of bed at this point might seem like an impossible feat, but if you went straight for your bed without washing your face first, we’re sorry to say you MUST get back up. No excuses.

For one, we bet you skipped brushing your teeth (yes, we’re giving you the side eye), but skipping your nighttime skincare routine is also a big no-no. To make things a bit easier on nights when you can’t wait to hit the hay, we’ve nailed down a routine that doesn’t take hours. Here’s what you NEED to do before you catch some Zzzz’s! 

Nighttime Skincare Routine

Remove Your Makeup

We’ve already made quite a fuss in stressing the importance of this step … and we’ll do it again. Never ever go to bed without washing off your makeup first!

To make things easier on yourself, use either a cleansing towelette that is powerful enough to remove stubborn makeup, or try the Garnier Miceller Cleansing Water All-In-1 Makeup Remover & Cleanser on a cotton pad to swipe away dirt, oil and makeup without irritation. Plus, it only takes seconds!

Cleanse Skin Thoroughly

We know you’re tired, but the comfort of your bed is only a few more minutes away. Pick a daily cleanser based on your skin type and give your skin a good scrub to remove any leftover residue. Don’t forget to clean up any makeup you applied to your neck and chest to avoid unnecessary breakouts!

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Apply Treatments & Moisturizer

If you’re the moisturizer-only type, you’re just about set! But, consider investing in a serum for your skin type or retinol if there’s a specific issue you’re trying to target such as wrinkles, dark spots, blemishes or overall brightness.

Apply your serum first, followed by any targeted treatments, then your eye cream and finally your daily moisturizer to seal everything in! Now you’re free to call it a night!

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