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As a wise individual once said, you learn a lot about a person when you travel with them for the first time. The same thought applies when you hit the road (or sky) with a makeup lover or certified product hoarder. You really get a glimpse into their mind, their ticks and mostly, their personality. There are those who organize their makeup products thoughtfully and seriously, like the holy, expensive possessions that they are. Then there are those who don’t care how their stuff’s packed — it’s just über important that they’re able to access everything, fast.

We picked out three makeup organizer bags for travel and divided them into three types of personalities: the super organized beauty lover, the lazy-AF makeup wearer and the makeup obsessee who needs to protect her products at all cost.

Check out our three favorite travel makeup bags below.

For the Super Organized Makeup Lover  

Tartan + Twine Golden Shimmer Weekender, $30

This one’s for those who take packing very seriously. Inside of the bag, you’ll find it complete with large pockets, small pockets and just about all the space you could need to store a large majority of your beauty must-haves. Whether you’re just packing for just a night away from home or a long, extended time away, you’ll be able to do it all — just know that your luggage is about to get really, really heavy.



For the Lazy Makeup Lover

Large Crystalline Travel Bag, $25.50

Meet the easy-to-clean, no fuss makeup bag straight out of a lazy makeup lover’s dreams. Simply stash all of your favorite beauty products into this clear vinyl bag so you can easily find what you’re looking for, fast n’ easy. The best part is that it’s large enough to (probably!) fit your makeup, skin and hair essentials all in one.



For the Girl Who Needs to Protect Her Staple Products At All Costs

Away Mini Suitcase, $35+

If you’re beauty-obsessed, you probably have at least one product you basically guard with your life. That protection just go a whole lot easier thanks to this miniature Away suitcase. Not only is it painfully adorable, but it’s going to keep your best creams, serums and foundations safe from, well, everything. And if you’re looking to discover new beauty products, consider purchasing one of Away’s curated beauty sets: Essentials, Beauty and Grooming. Obsessed? Move quick, these minis are only available for a limited run.



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