ElyseReneau Oct 18, 2013
Ruby red sparkles: we’ve been fascinated by them since childhood when Dorothy won the coveted slippers from the wicked witch. Here at MDC, we are turning our childhood dreams into sequined lipstick reality with this easy step-by-step tutorial. Incorporate these lips into your Halloween look, or go bold on a night out. Why should Dorothy have all the fun? glitter lips tutorial Step 1: Select your favorite red lip liner and lipstick. We chose NARS Jungle Red liner and Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Lipstick in shade 400. Step 2: Line your lips with your freshly sharpened lip liner, which helps to keep your lines crisp. Step 3: Apply lipstick and blot (too much lipstick on the lips will cause the glitter to slide). Step 4: It’s glitter time. When choosing your glitter keep in mind that the chunkier the glitter the more theatrical your lips will look. Step 5: Once you’ve picked your product, it’s time to prep. Shake two drops of liquid into the lid of your glitter. We like Eye Kandy Cosmetics liquid base. Step 6: Wet the tip of your lip brush with the liquid. The brush should be damp, but not dripping wet. Step 7: Press the wet brush into the glitter, making sure to tap off the excess before removing. Step 8: Using pressing movements, apply the glitter to your lips starting in the center and working outward. Be careful not to drag or sweep the brush, which will smear the glitter. When the brush runs out of glitter repeat steps 5-7. Step 9: Work it. This technique can be used with any color glitter/lipstick combination and is the perfect look for a party or costume. Where will you rock your glitter lips? Photos: Elyse Reneau for Makeup.com


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