Fake Braids to Try if You Can’t Actually Braid

October 19, 2017
By: Marisa Petrarca | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
Fake Braids to Try if You Can’t Actually Braid

There are braid enthusiasts capable of doing a super-intricate braid in under two minutes while sitting on a crowded train with no mirror. Then, there are those of us who need at least 30 minutes, multiple mirrors and a motivational playlist to feel halfway-decent about a pretty basic braid.

Enter, fake braids, which yes are a thing, and yes are worth trying out. Whether you’re already a skilled braider or you’re discouraged by the fact that you’re still going to have to put in work to achieve a faux braid, these looks are worth trying. Even though these looks are meant to replicate a real braid, they’re all unique styles.

Ahead, discover three easy faux braid tutorials to impress your braid-obsessed friends.

To fake a French braid…

Using a ponytail technique, hairbymel creates a faux french braid hairstyle. Recreate the look at home by following the steps below:


1. Dampen your hair with water and divide into two sections. 2. Make your first ponytail where you want your braid to start. 3. Make a second ponytail just below the first. 4. Make a third ponytail — adding extra hair. 5. Continue making new ponytails and adding more hair.  6. Use a clip to hold the middle piece of hair forward while you secure the rest. 7. Continue until all of your hair has been included. 8. Repeat on the second section of your hair.

To fake a voluminous braid on long hair with the pull-through technique…

Alex Gaboury creates a voluminous braid using a simple pull-through technique. Discover the steps, below:  


1. Section off your hair at your temples as if you’re doing a half-up hairstyle, and secure with an elastic. Clip it out of the way. 2. Take the hair from right behind your ears and secure into a ponytail. 3. Unclip the first section and split it into two. 4. Take the second section from step two and clip it up in between the split sections of the first ponytail. 5. Grab all of the hair underneath the clipped hair (except the hair at the nape of your neck), and put it into a ponytail.With this ponytail, combine the two sections from the first ponytail. 6. Unclip the ponytail from Step 4, split it into two, clip the new pony up and out of the way and create one last low pony. 7. Continue this process until you get to the bottom of your hair.  8. Starting at the top section, loosely pull at the braids, pulling small pieces at a time to create volume.

To fake a fishtail braid…

This cascading faux fishtail braid by Mimi of Luxy Hair it basically as easy as it gets. See the four quick steps, ahead.


1. Starting on the right side of your head, bring a small section of hair towards the back. 2. Gather an equal section of hair from the left and secure the two sections together with an elastic. 3. Continue grabbing small sections and repeating the same technique all the way down your hair. Make sure there is space between the sections. 4. To make it look like a braid, continue sectioning your hair to the very bottom.

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