5 Hair Accessories to Complement a Bob Hairstyle

September 18, 2019
Jessica Harrington
By: Jessica Harrington | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
5 Hair Accessories to Complement a Bob Hairstyle

In case you haven’t noticed, hair accessories are very in right now. Headbands, snap clips, scrunchies, bobby pins — we can’t get enough of them. The only thing trendier than hair accessories may actually be bob haircuts. If you recently got a fall chop and are rocking a fresh bob hairstyle, it can feel like a never-ending experiment to find the best way to dress up your short hairdo. Ahead, find five fun ways to accessorize your bob and complement your new haircut perfectly. 

Bob Hairstyle Accessory #1: Snap Clips

Dress up your bob with a few rhinestone snap clips. These medium clips from the Kitsch x Justine collaboration can be used to pull one side of your hair back or to accent your bangs — the possibilities are endless. 

Bob Hairstyle Accessory #2: Scrunchies

Bad hair day? No problem. Scrunchies are a must for disguising a frizzy, flat or dirty hair situation. With a bob haircut, pull your hair up for a half-up-half-down situation or secure all of it back in a low ponytail. We like the Slip Midi Scrunchies to get the job done without creasing your hair.

Bob Hairstyle Accessory #3: Headbands

No matter what haircut or style you have, a headband is always a good idea. With an embellished option like the Lele Sadoughi Light Denim Crystal Headband, you don’t even have to style the rest of your bob for it to look good. 

Bob Hairstyle Accessory #4: Claw Clips

In a hurry? Pull back the front pieces of your bob with a cute, patterned claw clip. We can’t get over the Machete Clar Hair Clips in fun colors like blush and amber yellow. Claw clips are the easiest way to keep your bob out of your face. 

Bob Hairstyle Accessory #5: Bobby Pins

The fun thing about adding pearl, crystal or jeweled bobby pins to your bob is there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. Stack them, wear them individually — whatever your heart desires to dress up your short cut. We love the Lelet NY Blush Crystal Bobbi Set.



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