Secrets For Perfect Hair

October 17, 2019
By: Diana Crisan | by L'Oréal
Secrets For Perfect Hair

We’re envious of you. Yeah, you — girl with the elusively perfect hair! You’re the one everyone in your circle comes to with questions that range from asking which shampoos you use to the type of hairspray you love. Well, we’ve been keeping an eye on you and we know your secrets! The bounce, the shine, the perfectly polished hairstyles … we’re ready to tell all. While we’re not all lucky enough to have been born with your pristine locks, there are a few hair habits that can help us achieve your desirable ’do. perfect hair Scrubbing Less

We all know the benefits of sudsing up those locks less often. We’re definitely on board with anything or anyone that says we don’t have wash our hair every single day. Girls with perfect hair know how to shampoo the right way and have a product in their beauty arsenal that everyone should be on board with — dry shampoo. A blast of this powdery substance will not only absorb oil at your roots, but give you sky-high volume.

Just Add Moisture

The key to gorgeous hair is the right moisturizing mask. Every girl with perfect hair will swear by this stuff! These treatments will instantly leave your hair feeling soft, supple and newly hydrated. Try using Kérastase Masque Chroma Captive twice a week for 10 minutes and you will seriously give new life to your locks.

Oil Is the Answer

Oils are all the rage, and for good reason, too! In addition to hydrating masks, oil treatments will seal the cuticles of your hair and replenish its health, thus preventing frizz and adding MAJOR shine! Regularly using a hot oil repair ampoule like L’Oréal Paris Frizz Finish Oil-In Serum will nourish damaged hair and leave it looking (and feeling) silky smooth!

Ditch the Heat

This can be a tough one for any girl. And we’re definitely not telling you to toss out your beloved straightener or curling iron, but a break every now and then is necessary. Girls with gorgeous hair understand that the key to a heat-free week is finding the perfect products for air-drying. Go au naturel whenever the mood strikes and your hair will thank you! Miss your perfectly coiffed barrel curls? Try these no-heat curling methods instead!

Using Protection

For the days you DO use heat, it’s incredibly important that you use a heat-protectant like Redken Iron Shape 11- Finishing Thermal Spray- Heat Protection Hair Spray or Garnier Sleek & Shine Flat Iron Protector Straightening Mist prior to styling with your favorite hot tool. Not only will it protect and repair your hair, but also it will lock in your style for all-day perfect hair!  

Styling Smart

Styling your hair with heat the wrong way can cause some serious damage. You may think there’s only one way to blow-dry and style your hair, but that’s not the case! Mastering the heat concept means less stress and damage to your strand, plus there are tricks to getting perfectly styled hair in less time!

Here’s how to:

What are some of your secrets to perfect hair? Let us know in the comments below!  Photography: Joshua M. Shelton Model: Laura Reed