This Is Why You Should Include Avocado in Your Hair-Care Routine Too

January 28, 2022
Mary Honkus
By: Mary Honkus | by L'Oréal
Why You Should Include Avocado in Your Hair-Care Routine

Avocados are a staple on every brunch menu (will avocado toast ever lose popularity?! We hope not). But the superfood should be the star of your hair care routine, too. “Avocados are great for your whole body — including your hair,” says Millie Morales, the consulting celebrity hair stylist for Garnier. “Avocados have high levels of vitamin A and vitamin E, which help restore hair health, ease detangling and add shine.” 

The benefits of avocado for your hair don’t stop with shine and hair growth. According to Morales, avocado oils can help protect hair from damage and prevent breakage, and the antioxidants can prevent oxidative stress on the scalp, which overtime, can lead to hair loss.

While every hair type and texture can benefit from avocados, Morales especially recommends incorporating avocado hair products for those with dry, dehydrated strands as well as coily curls to enhance moisture retention. 

Whether you want to strengthen your hair, add hydration or improve shine, avocado could be the one ingredient your hair routine is missing. But instead of slathering a mashed avocado onto your hair (save it for your toast!), try one of these awesome avocado-infused hair products below.

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