Exactly How to Wash Glitter Out of Your Hair Post-Halloween

October 29, 2019
By: Alanna Martine Kilkeary | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
Exactly How to Wash Glitter Out of Your Hair Post-Halloween

Transforming your beauty look this Halloween goes well beyond applying colorful hair makeup or temporary hair dyes — in fact, no matter what your costume, glitter is by far one of our favorite accessories to add from root to tip. With glitter jellies, sprays and styling gels galore, the options to achieve sparkling tresses are endless — but what happens when it's time to remove them after the Halloween festivities come to an end? Ahead, we chatted with IGK co-founder and hairstylist Aaron Grenia about exactly how to carefully remove glitter flecks or jellies to ensure that your hair stays healthy and strong both during and after the process.

Identify Your Glitter — Is it Glitter Flecks or Glitter Suspended in a Gel?

Grenia’s first piece of advice is to identify what kind of glitter is in your hair. “Be sure to only use glitter products formulated specifically for hair, so you don’t risk damage,” he says. It’s important to know that glitter suspended in products like gels or hair creams will be much easier to remove than glitter flecks.

How to Remove Glitter

Generally, Grenia suggests “getting hair wet to loosen the glitter particles away from the hair,” and following up with a scalp scrub. Options to try here are the IGK Low Key Cleansing Walnut Scalp Scrub or the Deep Exfoliating Scalp Treatment from Kiehl’s. “You want to target the root area to purify and unclog your follicles,” he notes. “Make sure to fully rinse to remove any residue and follow with your favorite shampoo.” 

If you have leftover flecks sprawled about your scalp or weaved in between your hair, Grenia recommends removing those gently with a comb. Of course, this is another reason to use glitter suspended in product as opposed to loose specks, which will take twice the amount of time if not longer to remove it. 

Don’t Scrape — And Remember That Less Is More

As for what not to do, make sure to keep your hands away. “Scraping it away or using your fingers to try and pull it out” is a big no-no. Grenia says to always apply soap or shampoo to remove glitter. When applying glitter product to the hair, “begin with a small amount and layer on as needed,” he says. Less is more, no matter how sparkly you want to be. You’ll thank yourself for it at the end of the evening, we swear.

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