How to Create Beach Waves Without Heat, According to a Pro

July 14, 2022
Tanya Edwards
By: Tanya Edwards | by L'Oréal

Fewer hairstyles scream summer more than tousled, beachy waves. While you may not have made it to the beach yet, or perhaps you live too far for a trip, the good news is that you can still get that natural post-beach look at home — all without heat styling. To find out how, we consulted with celebrity hairstylist Joseph Maine. Read on for two ways to do it. 

Try the Braid Method

An easy way to get loose, natural-looking waves is by braiding your hair. “Hair that is really thick and silky will likely do best with a braid method,” says Maine. “It will give you an elongated wave that won’t create too much volume.” 

Any type of braid will work for this, though the results can vary slightly. A low three-strand braid will give you soft body waves, while a French or Dutch braid will give you more waves and volume at the crown. 

For best results, create the braid on dry hair before bed and take it out in the morning. Comb through strands with your fingers to loosen the waves and then add a finishing product, like the Garnier Fructis Texture Tease Dry Touch Finishing Spray, for additional texture.

Try the Twisted Bun Method 

Another way to achieve waves without heat is by creating a low, twisted bun and leaving it in for a few hours or overnight. Maine suggests this method for those with fine hair. 

To avoid frizz or a dented look, create the bun on dry hair. If you have thick hair, you can create two to four buns around your head, depending on what results you’re going for. After removing the bun(s), spritz your hair with the Carol’s Daughter Coco Creme Curl Perfecting Mist Spray for soft hold. 

Carol’s Daughter Coco Creme Curl Perfecting Mist Spray
Photo: Genesis Rivas, Design: Hannah Packer

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