How to Organize Your Hair Tools (These Tips Are Genius!)

June 01, 2020
Sarah Ferguson
By: Sarah Ferguson | by L'Oréal

Is there anything more satisfying than an organized vanity? For beauty lovers like us, we vote no. We like to store our everyday cosmetics in clear, stackable containers, our makeup brushes in jars and our nail polish in jewelry hangers. One product category that’s tricky to get into an organized state, though? Hair tools. Those long, messy cords don’t make things easy. We trolled Instagram to get some hair-tool decluttering inspiration. Read on for the clever ideas we found. 

Create a Dedicated Drawer

If you dream it, you can achieve it. That’s what @erin_sunnysideup did to make this dedicated hair-tool drawer happen. “I sketched it and bought the metal components, and then my carpenter made it,” she explained in the comments on her Instagram post.

Stick ’Em Under the Sink

Lay out a heat-absorbing styling tool mat to place them on when you’re done using them and store the length of the cords in a nearby basket or storage box. 

Keep Them in Bins

You may not have a hair product collection like pro stylist Justine Marjan, but you can store your tools like she did with the help of It's a Lifestyle. All you need is a stackable letter tray or two (they used products from iDesign). 

Make Use of Cabinet Door Space

Use sturdy double-sided tape (or Command hooks) to adhere a wide bin to the back of your bathroom cabinet or just hook an over-the-cabinet basket to the door, and you’re good to go. 

Buy a Caddy 

Make your life easier by buying a caddy made to store hot tools, like the one pictured here from The Container Store. For a wood look, we like this one from Target, and for extra storage space, check out this version from PB Teen
Photo: @lifestyle_organizer