How Stacking Your Hair Accessories Can Reverse Bad Hair Days

June 26, 2020
Genesis Rivas
By: Genesis Rivas | by L'Oréal
stack hair accessories
Hair accessories have definitely made a comeback in the beauty industry. Remember when butterfly clips were reserved for the ’90s and statement headbands were how we got in touch with our inner Blair Waldorf in the early 2000s? Well now in 2020, give us all the trendy headbands, bedazzled bobby pins and hair jewelry because this year is all about stacking them for a transformative and super chic look. If you want to get in on the hair stacking trend but aren’t sure how, check out these eight hairstyles for inspiration.

A Messy Bun Never Looked So Good

On those days your hair wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, put it up in a high messy bun with some colorful clips on the back of your head. It’s a sweet surprise that elevates your hairdo with minimal effort.

Edgy Meets Metallic

For an edgy vibe, stock up on some metallic accessories and layer them on one side of your head. Not only does it look super cool but it’s also super functional because it keeps part of your hair out of your face and tucked away — a win, win.

Totally Elegant

Pair your beachy waves with multiple statement hair pieces for an elegant look. We love how @ashlemaster totally transformed a hairstyle we see all the time into something that’s completely jaw-dropping. 

The Limit Does Not Exist

How many hair accessories is too many hair accessories? If you ask us, the limit does not exist. We’re so obsessed with what @leoniehanne did to her braid here that you’ll definitely catch us making a huge online order of hair accessories later today.

Bedazzled and Bright

Stacking your hair accessories can be customized to fit your style and aesthetic. If you’re into bold, bright colors, don’t be afraid to get some bedazzled pins in all different shapes, colors and sizes. There are no wrong answers in this case — I mean, look at this pineapple!

The Most Beautiful Bouquet

Turn your hair into a literal bouquet by adding flower pins throughout. The result is nothing short of ethereal.

A True Queen

Stacking your hair accessories isn’t only reserved for hair pins and clips. Stack two of your favorite headbands (one behind the other) and crown yourself the true queen of the hair trend.

A New Meaning for a Sunday Swirl

Lazy Sundays naturally call for messy updos. But by adding some stacked mixed-and-matched hair clips, you automatically transform your messy bun into a chic model-off-duty look that’s wearable any day of the week.

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