Diana Crisan Oct 29, 2015

While some of us are so utterly obsessed with Halloween that we think up plans, parties and costume ideas months in advance, we’d still say that the majority of us are big ol’ procrastinators. Just like that 20-page paper you wrote in college the night before it was due, throwing together a costume on Halloween day is not uncommon. And with office parties and spooky festivities starting, well, today, we’ve got a few low-maintenance ideas for you to try, using makeup products you already own. You’re welcome.  

Halloween Makeup

1. Black Eyeliner: Maybelline Line Express Eyeliner in Soft Black

Black eyeliner is like your fairy godmother come Halloween. You can use it to draw on whiskers and be a sassy kitty or a cute, button-nosed mouse. Create cobwebs around your eyes, a ’stache or even a skull face … the list could go on and on. As long as you’ve got some basic drawing skills, you and your liner can conquer the world … or, at least Halloween.

2. Setting Powder:
NYX Studio Finishing Powder

Don’t be afraid to layer (and layer, and layer) this stuff right on to instantly become a mime, clown or a fair-faced, wig-wearing, aristocrat from the early Victorian era.

3. Red Lipstick:
Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in The Red

While red lipstick is an obvious staple all year long, there’s no time like Halloween to really put this baby to work. A liquid formula can take you from vampire to bloody bride in seconds! You can also use it with products 1 and 2 to recreate this zombie look!

4. Contouring Stick:
Lancôme Le Duo Stick

On any other day, blending your contour is of the utmost importance, but not today. Drastically contour and highlight your face and DO NOT blend. Not only will this transform you into any famous pop culture icon or celebrity, but you’ll also be a walking 2015 beauty trend!

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5. Blue Eyeshadow:
L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow in Timeless Blue Spark

Pair a seriously blue smoky eye with a fierce cat eye, and channel Cleopatra! You can also create a fun clown face by drawing  diamond shapes around the eyes.

6. Fake Lashes:
NYX Wicked Lashes

Let’s be real, no Halloween look (whether purchased or glued together last minute) is complete without long and truly fabulous faux-lashes! Black liner and a pair of these spidery lashes is all you need to recreate this ’60s-Inspired Dollface for Halloween. Cute and creepy are key components to a solid Halloween costume.  

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