How to Create a Spooky Yet Chic Blood Eyeliner Look in 5 Steps

September 28, 2021
Mary Honkus
By: Mary Honkus | by L'Oréal
Halloween Blood Eyeliner Tutorial
Halloween makeup has changed dramatically over the years. While traditional Halloween makeup can be gory or scary, talented artists are now finding creative ways to make their looks spooky and chic (this black cat makeup tutorial is one example). That’s exactly what makeup enthusiast Aniyah Smith achieved with this blood eyeliner look. Follow her tutorial below to recreate this killer graphic eyeliner for Halloween —  if you dare.
  • STEP 1: 

    Create a Line Above Your Crease

    Using the NYX Professional Makeup Epic Wear Liquid Liner in Red, draw a thick floating liner above your crease and extend it to the outer corner of your brow. At the edge, slightly flick the liner up towards your eyebrow for a lifting effect.

  • STEP 2: 

    Draw the Drips

    Working from the inner corner outwards, add small, teardrop-shaped blood drips underneath the floating eyeliner, making sure to connect them to the line. Towards the outer corner of your liner, create a larger drip to add dimension. Once you draw all of the drips along the floating line, add one more that appears to be dripping down from the inner corner of your eye.

person applying red liquid eyeliner to eyelid
person applying black liquid eyeliner to eyelid
  • STEP 5: 

    Finish the Spooky Look

    To complete this devilish look, swipe on a coat of mascara and apply false eyelashes to add some drama to the eyes. Finally, adhere three red gemstones below each eye for some sparkle and swipe on some blood red lipstick.

person wearing red eye makeup and red lipstick
Photography and Makeup: Aniyah Smith

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