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With the holidays quickly approaching, nail art is an easy and affordable way to get in the mood. You’ll feel festive without trying too hard, and a great holiday manicure can be achieved whether you’re just learning to paint your nails or practically a pro. Ahead, we’ve rounded up three holiday manicure ideas you can easily DIY. Bonus: These use Essie shades you probably already have.

Look 1: Buffalo Plaid

To get this cozy look, reach for Essie Really Red, Licorice, and Good as Gold. Together, they create a chic, festive mani.

STEP 1: Paint the nail with a coat of Essie Really Red.


STEP 2: Using a striping brush, draw two lines parallel to each other on either side of the nail.


STEP 3: Draw horizontal lines across the nail to create a checked pattern on the nail.


STEP 4: Using Good as Gold, draw thin lines in between the lines to create the plaid effect.


STEP 5: Finish off the look with Essie Speedsetter and let dry.



Look 2: Thanksgiving Leaves

If you’re looking to create a simple nail art look with a little bit of flair, try this leaf mani using Essie Hear Me Aurora, Good as Gold and No Place Like Chrome.

STEP 1: Start by painting the nail with a coat of Hear Me Aurora.


STEP 2: Next, draw two leaf-shaped loops starting at the tip of the nail and moving toward the cuticle.


STEP 3: Add a vertical and diagonal lines to mimic the look of a leaf.


STEP 4: Finish off the look with a clear top coat and let dry.

Look 3: Reverse French Mani

This elegant mani can be achieved in two easy steps using Essie Ballet Slippers and Penny Talk.

STEP 1: Apply two coats of Ballet Slippers for a slightly sheer finish.


STEP 2: Paint a thin coat of Penny Talk at the base of the nail in a half-moon shape.


STEP 3: Apply a clear top coat to finish off the look and let dry.

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