No one is born with a perfect smoky eye or contoured complexion. These are things we learn and improve on until they become second nature to us. That being said, there are certain makeup skills that should be mastered as soon as possible, as they are as simple as the stuff you learn in Makeup 101. We like to think blending is one of those skills as it’s a fundamental part of your application process. The reason blending makeup is so important is that it applies to absolutely everything: eye shadow, foundation, blush, etc. Keep your makeup game on point by taking this basic course in blending. Class is now in session!

Blending Makeup

Blending Eye Shadow

Eye shadow can be a tricky thing. With the amazing color palettes and shades come millions of possibilities … if you can get it right. The key to landing a solid shadow look almost always depends on your blending ability. A good blending technique can mean the difference between a sultry smoky eye and a just a plain ol’ black eye. Don’t get caught in a shadow rut. Follow these tips on how to blend like a pro and you’ll be the master of any eye shadow palette you take on!

Blending Blush

Rosy, vibrant cheeks have been one of the major makeup trends sweeping the beauty world this season, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Bright, flushed cheeks are the perfect companion to any (or most) makeup looks, especially if you know how to make it look natural and subtle. Those painted doll-like cheeks are cute on Halloween, but they don’t exactly cut it IRL. Get the rundown on how to blend that blush the right way and never face another cheek catastrophe again!

Blending Foundation

This might be the most important makeup lesson you learn … EVER. Seeing that foundation is the, well, foundation of your entire look. One wrong move and the whole makeup masterpiece will be thrown off! Call us dramatic if you must, but blending your foundation in naturally and seamlessly is the key to a flawless face. OK, we’re done lecturing — now on to the teaching. Check out this basic blending tutorial that will show you how to make your foundation look like second skin.

Blending Contouring Makeup

You know we wouldn’t leave you without talking about the topic on everyone’s mind these days: contouring. This makeup craze has gone viral in more ways than one and it seems that there’s a crazy new contouring method out there every day, showing us how to distort and chisel our faces. Here at, we believe in lovely, flawless makeup that shows off your natural beauty. Again the key to getting this au naturel look is … that’s right, blending. Buffing out those contour lines will ensure your face is flawlessly chiseled. Find out how to do it by mastering this tutorial. You’re welcome.

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