Diana Crisan Jul 1, 2015

You always want what you can’t have. Sound familiar? Although, some things can be changed for a price — hair color, type or length, eyelash density, them full brows tho, and even your eye color (well, kinda, if contacts count). On the other hand, there are some things you can’t change — like freckles. Or the lack thereof. While those covered in cute speckled-spots sometimes wish they weren’t, the rest of us freckle-less faces sit out in the sun hoping a few will grace us with their presence. While one or two may show up on the scene, you’re still no closer to getting those cute brown specks across your cheeks and nose.

Faking Freckles

What You’ll Need

Step 1. Using the fluffy brush, apply a light layer of the translucent powder to your cheeks to ensure your freckles have staying power.

Step 2. Dot the waterproof liner across your cheeks, reaching up to your cheekbones. Add a few to the bridge of your nose and, using your finger, gently pat your new found freckles (one at a time) to give them a blended and “blurred” effect. Stick to areas that naturally get the most sun, typically across the top of your cheeks and your nose.

Step 3. Use the fluffy brush to once again apply the translucent powder to set your freckles and violà! You’re a regular ol’ Pippi Longstocking.  

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