Salon visits are similar to a trip to Disneyland. You go in with hope and anticipation of something wonderful, and leave happy, fully optimistic about life … and kinda broke. But, who can blame you for splurging at the Magical Kingdom, let alone the salon? There are so many products and add-ons at your fingertips at the salon and, hey, a girl’s gotta live a little.

While we fully support letting your hair down (literally and figuratively) and indulging here and there, salon expenses can be, well, expensive. If your hair maintenance bills are adding up and you want to find a way to cut corners on your next salon appointment, check out the tips below!

how to save money at the salon

Get a Dry Cut

Many women don’t even realize this is an option. We typically arrive at the salon expecting to have our hair washed or dampened prior to going under the knife (we mean scissors). Save a few bucks by going in with dry, straight locks and request a dry cut. You’ll save time and money, and your hair will come out just as lovely and precise as it would if it had been cut wet.

Shampoo at Home

Most salons tack on extra charges for pre-haircut shampooing, which is nice and relaxing in theory, but not nice on your wallet. Shampoo add-ons can tack on an extra $20 or $30 dollars (or more depending on the salon). Save some cash by showing up to your appointment with clean, fresh hair. For a luxurious at-home shampoo, try Pureology Purify Shampoo before your next appointment.

Skip the Blowout

This one is a tough one. One of the best parts of going to a salon is walking out with perfectly bouncy, blown-out hair. For some reason, we have it ingrained in our heads that the salon is the only place we can get a great blowout. Not true. You can get a salon-quality blowout at home for FREE. Just follow these tips and let your stylist know you’ll be skipping the post-cut blowdry.

Cut Out the Extras

In addition to shampoos and blowouts, there are a plethora of other salon add-ons and extras that can send your salon bill skyrocketing. Everything from deep conditioning to hair tinsel (yes, tinsel!) is at your disposal. If you’re looking to save some cash, hold tight to your willpower and resist the urge to go crazy on the add-on services. While the prices tags seem minimal — $10-$15 — they add up! Just say NO. Check out ways to keep your hair in the best shape without breaking the bank.

Get a Gloss in Between Highlights/ Color Appointments

Hair color and highlights can be expensive and not everyone can afford to touch up their color every four to six weeks. However, your budget should never stand in the way of great hair. Stretch out your time in-between appointments by getting a gloss treatment to touch up and refresh your hair color. These services are typically not pricey and can make a big difference in your hair-coloring schedule.

Touch Up Roots At Home

Another way to expand that time between hair color appointments is touching up your roots at home. Invest in a kit like L’Oréal Paris Root Rescue that will give your color a little refresh and make it appear like you just visited a salon!

Try a Junior Stylist

Many salons charge more for appointments with master or veteran stylists. If you want to scrimp a little, try booking an appointment with a junior stylist. Just because they’re at a junior level doesn’t mean they can’t get the job done! Your wallet and hair will thank you!

What are your tips for saving a buck or two at the salon? Tell us your secrets in the comments below. 

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