Deven Hopp Nov 5, 2013
Remember the days of roll-on glitter, glitter hairspray, body glitter–a.k.a. the good ole days to all us budding beauty girls? It’s no secret our green apple scented, lime green loose glitter (which we applied pretty much everywhere) made us feel like a million bucks. Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately), those glitter-encrusted days of our youths have long since passed. Somewhere between recess and joining the workforce, we said goodbye to glitter. Try as we might to quell our inner eight-year-old, our affinity for the sparkly stuff has never really subsided. But hey, no one said our goodbye to glitter had to last forever—so today we bring you the grown up way to wear glitter. Once you hit a certain age, it’s best to keep the glitter contained to one area–use it to highlight one feature. Store the loose stuff for extra special occasions, and opt for a subtler option instead–glitter eyeliner.

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  1. Glitter eyeliner should be the finishing touch on your look, so apply all of your other makeup first. Remember glitter will be the focal point, so keep the rest of your look simple.
  2. To keep everything in place, apply an eye shadow primer and choose powder shadows over creams.
  3. Glitter eyeliner brings the sparkle, but it doesn’t add much definition, so apply your regular dark eyeliner first. Allow your base eyeliner to dry before applying glitter over it, which can cause it smear. Setting your eyeliner with eye shadow of the same color will also help.
  4. Apply a single thin line of glitter liner across the eye. Start just short of the inner corner to avoid getting glitter flecks in your eye.
  5. If you’re looking for a little more sparkle, add another layer to create a thicker line or wing it out slightly at the outer corner. One small flick of brush outward and upward is all you need.
  6. Or if you prefer a subtler approach, just place a small thin line of the glitter at the outer corner of your bottom lash line.
Would you wear glitter (the grown up way)? Tell us where you would wear this look with a comment.


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