Crybaby Wax Is Here to Make Life Easier for Anyone Dealing With Unwanted Hair

December 13, 2023
Dawn Davis
By: Dawn Davis | by L'Oréal
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At-home waxing is intimidating to say the least. But when you’re dealing with unwanted hair and tweezing and shaving just aren’t cutting it, DIY waxing is your most convenient and cost-effective option. 

Fortunately, with the launch of Crybaby Wax, it’s now a whole lot less scary. Inspired by her struggles with PCOS and hirsutism, founder Cat Smith set out to create this collection of super gentle, easy-to-use, at-home waxing products. 

What inspired you to create Crybaby Wax?

I have struggled with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) since I was a teenager. In addition to the many side effects it caused, the most noticeable one was hirsutism, which is excess facial hair growth around the mouth and chin. The first time I waxed my face, I was 16 and it was a week before prom. I used the at-home strips from the drugstore and managed to take off more skin than hair, and fully broke out everywhere I had waxed. The makeup for prom was layered so thick to cover the breakouts.  

This started my facial hair battle. Over the next 20 years, I tried everything — including hours of tweezing a week, threading, shaving daily and laser hair removal. I couldn’t find a solution that was less painful and didn’t cause irritation or ingrown hairs. During the pandemic, I was inspired to research more about waxing and what the different ingredients and types were available. I saw a real opportunity to not only make waxing at home easier, but a solution that would remove coarse or fine hair anywhere on the body.

Tell us about the name (it's so good)... 

The name is my favorite part! I came up with Crybaby Wax when I was testing a ton of different waxes to find what I liked best. My husband was pulled in for testing the different waxes as well.  We kept joking to not be a crybaby when we were ripping off all kinds of waxes on different parts of the body. When there was one that was truly less painful, I decided Crybaby Wax would be perfect. Our catchphrase is: “wax for wussies.”

It's such a fun, colorful line — why did you go in that direction?

I think so many spa beauty lines tend to stay in a very neutral, minimalist design realm. While I think that is a gorgeous aesthetic, I felt that if we were going to be a bit bold with our naming conventions and brand name, the colors should match. I love the late ’60s, retro aesthetic and wanted to find a way to modernize it and bring it into beauty.

What's your star product, and why?

Definitely the Full On Meltdown Vegan Hard Wax. It is formulated to be less painful because of titanium dioxide, which creates a buffer between the resin and skin to make the wax gentler to remove. It also contains microcrystalline wax and a synthetic resin, which is less painful compared to traditional or natural resins.

crybaby hard wax

What do you wish more people knew about hair removal and PCOS?

I would love for people to know that both PCOS and hirsutism are much more common than people think. Not all body hair has to be removed, but for the hair people would like to live without, waxing is a great option to remove unwanted facial hair. Our goal is to build a community of people who can share their journeys with hirsutism and offer support and advice.

Photos: Courtesy of Crybaby Wax

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