The Foundation Mistake Everyone Makes

September 22, 2017
Angela Melero
By: Angela Melero | by L'Oréal
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For most of us, our everyday beauty routine is a well-oiled machine: wash face, moisturize, prime and apply foundation/BB cream. It doesn’t get much easier than that, right? Like other daily rituals (such as showering, shaving, etc.) we become so accustomed to the routine that it doesn’t even occur to us that we could be doing it wrong. Well, allow us to drop a beauty bomb on you: When it comes to your foundation, you just might be. There’s one little component that could be throwing off your entire makeup game, and it involves your beloved moisturizer. Read on and find out more about this potential makeup mistake and how to never make it again. foundation mistake everyone makes

Moisturizer Mistake

What’s the proper timeframe between applying moisturizer and foundation application? Are you a lickety-split kinda gal who rushes through her skincare and makeup regimens like a NASCAR driver? If so, you probably have noticed that your foundation doesn’t always settle very well on your skin and has a tendency to come out uneven. Believe it or not, this has to do with your moisturizer. If you apply foundation (liquid or powder) before your moisturizer has fully absorbed, you’re in for streaky, splotchy makeup that is just not cute. And we all know that foundation is, well, the foundation, of your overall look. So, getting it wrong leads to a domino effect that impacts every other aspect of your makeup layering.

When in Doubt, Wait it Out

Our words of wisdom are simple and finite: Be patient. Allow a few minutes for your moisturizer to fully absorb into your skin. That doesn’t mean you have to sit perfectly still! Make the most of those minutes by switching gears and doing your hair or picking out your outfit. Those precious moments could be spent creating a fun pumped-up pony or lovely loose beach waves.

Also, if you went overboard on your moisturizer application and/or find that it hasn’t fully absorbed, grab a tissue and blot your face to soak up that extra moisture. Then, grab your Beauty Blender or foundation brush and get down to beauty business.

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