These 7 Glittery Halloween Makeup Looks Are the Only Costume You Need

October 14, 2019
By: Tembe Denton-Hurst | by L'Oréal
These 7 Glittery Halloween Makeup Looks Are the Only Costume You Need

With the countdown to Halloween officially on (praise be for Hocus Pocus reruns to keep us on track), it’s high time you picked a costume — or a good black eyeliner to transform you into a cat for the fifth year in a row (hey, it happens!). And while skulls, cute animals and pop culture costumes are sure to abound, adding glitter might just be the way to make your Halloween makeup stand out. Ahead we’ve rounded up our glittery Halloween makeup faves from the ’gram that will surely inspire your look.

Halloween Glitter Look #1: Glitter Bones
Makeup artist @annalingis turns the typical skull and bones makeup into a glittery skeleton that you won’t want to wipe off at night's end. This look is jewel-heavy, so be prepared to spend hours in the mirror glueing your life away. To get the look, Anna used NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation as her base — proving that the key to any bomb makeup look is a great foundation.

Halloween Glitter Look #2: Kitty, But Then Make it Glitter
So you’re going to be a cat. Again. It’s okay, we understand. Give this look by @katiespearpoint a try. This “feline fantasy” makeup is super glittery, so you’ll be sure to stand out in a litter of kitties.

Halloween Glitter Look #3: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice ...  Glitterjuice
Beauty influencer Wesley Benjamin Carter takes a glam approach to Beetlejuice for Halloween, creating a sultry purple smoky eye that could easily be rocked any day of the year. The glitter takes it over the top. Wesley uses it to accentuate his hairline, contour and lips. To get this look he used NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk as concealer to help get that ghostly, Beetlejuice look.

Halloween Glitter Look #4: Killer (Glitter) Clown
@Makeupby_makenzie makes a killer clown look downright glam in the makeup look ahead. She pairs silver and red glitter with dramatic black lines, creating a classic, spooky clown look that’s perfect for Halloween.

Halloween Glitter Look #5: Somewhere Over the Glitter Rainbow
Give this costume by @tijerarayemua a try for a look that’s all about the makeup. She creates a dreamy cloud and rainbow eye look using different glitters and ties it all together with a matching blue smoky eye and lip. Even though her eyes are the focal point, the rest of her look is simple and stunning — making this a great option for anyone who’s eyeshadow obsessed.

Halloween Glitter Look #6: Glittery Skull Angel Goodness
Sometimes you can’t decide whether you want to be a skull or an angel — that’s where this look by @make_up_inna comes in. The makeup artist takes it to a new level with the added glitter and jewels.  It’s the mashup you never knew you needed but can’t look away from.

Halloween Glitter Look #7: Came Thru Drippin’ (in Glitter)
f being dripping in glitter is your aesthetic (I mean why wouldn’t it be?), then give this look by @Makeupby_makenzie a try. Half her face is flawlessly made up on top (she uses Maybelline New York SuperStay Foundation), while the bottom half of her face is covered in glitter — creating a glitzy glam makeup look that’s sure to turn heads.

Halloween Glitter Look #8: Red Dragon 
This sultry red vibe is sure to make you stand out amongst the Halloweentown-ers. The self-taught MUA, @katiespearpoint, thought through every little detail — right down to the colored contacts. If you have hours to spend with fiery shadows and want to recreate this look, we have no doubt you’ll look red hot. 

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