How to Prep for a Headshot

September 03, 2019
By: | by L'Oréal
How to Prep for a Headshot

We love getting the professional opinion of our beauty experts, especially when it comes to head-scratching topics. Today, professional makeup artist Ashley Rebecca gives us the lowdown on how to look picture-perfect for headshots.

Whether it’s at an amusement park or out with girlfriends, technology today makes it so easy and fun to take a flawless picture of ourselves in any setting. But what about those special occasions that call for a more professional look and backdrop? Yes, I am talking about headshots. Showing a crisper and more professional version of yourself, these images are the ones we take for school, business cards, portfolios and resumes. So, what are the best practices for taking a professional headshot? While we have more creative liberties when it comes to posting selfies on Instagram, headshots are different (and a little intimidating). Here are my simple tips for how to prepare for a headshot and get a great shot every time. headshot

1. Create a Polished Look. For your headshot, clean and polished makeup is the best choice. This isn't the time to wear a heavy, smoky eye or bright red lips. If you want to add a touch of color to the lips, you can certainly do so, just don't make it too dramatic. Try a soft pink or peach lipstick. If you want to go for drama, do it with your lashes and try an intense mascara like Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. Also, choose eye shadows that complement your eye color.

2. Get a Blowout. Not only is polished makeup a must for your headshot, but polished hair is also vital when taking professional pictures. Get a professional blowout before you take your picture to make sure everything flows seamlessly together. Or you can just DIY your blowout at home for a similar effect. 

3. Practice Makes Perfect. Whether you’re taking your own photo, or you've hired a professional photographer, take a few practice shots to test lighting and make sure you get the perfect pose.

4. Wear Neutral Clothing. White or black tops are best, nothing with a busy pattern or loud prints. This will take the focus off of what you're wearing and keep the attention on the most important thing: your beautiful face!

What are your tricks for taking the perfect photo? Sound off in the comments below! Photo: thinkstock