How to Remove Makeup From Clothes, According to a Makeup Artist

March 29, 2019
By: Alanna Martine Kilkeary | by L'Oréal
How to Remove Makeup From Clothes, According to a Makeup Artist

We’re pretty much pros when it comes to removing makeup on our faces, but when we accidentally get some concealer or powder all over our getting-ready bathrobe or going-out shirt, we’re pretty much at a loss for how to remove it. We chatted with makeup artist and Maybelline New York Educator Gabriel Almodovar about exactly what to do when this happens. Read on for the best tips and tricks from under his makeup belt.

Drop the Makeup Wipes and Removers

It’s a natural instinct to think removing makeup from clothes would require a makeup-removing products like a wipe, but Almodovar insists that this is not the case. “Do not use makeup wipes because they are built for skin and will just spread the product into the fabric, as opposed to removing the stain,” he says. Additionally, he suggests not using waterproof removers because they can leave an oil stain in the fabric.

For Creams and Oils

As far as creams and oils go, Almodovar says dish soap is the way to go. “Grease-fighting dish soap is ideal to break down the cream or oil in the makeup on fabric,” he says. Simply place a small amount of dish soap over the stain, work it into the fabric and rinse out with water.

For Liquids and Powders

For liquid foundations and similar consistencies, “immediately use hydrogen peroxide to break down the product before it absorbs and spreads into the fabric,” says Almodovar. As far as powders go, you can wash the fabric by hand or in a washer as you would normally.

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