Try The Two-Faced Halloween Look That’s Breaking the Internet

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person wearing angel and devil eye makeup

Sometimes you can’t decide whether you’re an angel of darkness or a ray of sunshine, and thanks to self-taught MUA @leslieaileen_, you no longer have to. Her half devil, half angel makeup look has gone viral after she posted it a few days ago, and it’s not hard to guess why. In one look she manages to pull off both a vampy and an ethereal eye –– it’s basically Instagram gold. Luckily for us, she posted a video tutorial on her “devil eye,” and it’s simpler than it looks.

Watch the tutorial, ahead:

To get the look you need:

  • Milani Cosmetics Matte Lip Creme in ‘Striking’

  • Elf Cosmetics Liquid Liner in ‘Jet Black’

  • Lancome Drama Liqui Pencil in ‘Noir Intense’

  • NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights Liner in ‘Fire’

1. Dot the matte lip creme on your eyelid.

2. Using a fluffy brush, blend the lip creme all over your lid and crease  

3. Add black liner along the lash line (make sure it’s smudgeable, or use black eyeshadow!), and blend to create a gradient effect. This darker shade should stop before the red ends to give it a distinct, dimensional look.

4. Using black liquid liner, create a wing.

5. Using a red liquid liner, draw curved lines that intersect with the wing.

6. Once you reach the end of the wing, flick the red out farther than the end of the wing and draw an arrow at the end. This is the devil tail.

7. Using the same red liner, draw devil horns above the brow.

Will you be trying out this look for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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