What’s In and What’s Out in the Makeup World for 2018

January 03, 2018
What’s In and What’s Out in the Makeup World for 2018

New year, new beauty trends. 2017 was the year of the brow, shimmer and all things holo. We saw renewed interest in skincare (who knew washing your face could be such a life changing experience?!), an obsession with glow and the return of the glossy lip. So as we look ahead in 2018, these are the trends to watch, what we’re happy (and sad) to see go and trends that will be hanging on for the rest of the year.

Less: Cream Lipstick

More: Lip Gloss

Satin finish lipsticks aren’t going anywhere, but we’re expecting to see less of them in the beautyverse these days. Beauty gurus and enthusiasts everywhere are opting to go all the way with a high shine gloss (looking at you, Urban Decay Naked Lipglosses) or make a bold statement with a matte lip.

Less: Matte Skin

More: Holographic Makeup

Holo has been taking over our lives and feeds, popping up everywhere from makeup to clothing and everywhere in between. There’s something about the gleam of iridescent hues that sets the internet ablaze, and we’re not mad at it. Want to get in on the trend? Try the NYX Professional Makeup Strobe of Genius Holographic stick for an intergalactic glow.

Less: Matte Eyeshadow

More: Glossy Lids

There was a hint of the glossy lid in the back half of 2017, but we think this trend will continue well into 2018. Glossy lids are easy to do, look editorial and takes any eye look to the next level. What’s not to love?

Less: Millennial Pink

More: Purple

Pantone has already dubbed Ultra Violet as the color to watch in 2018, and we can’t help but agree. Millennial pink is starting to lose its steam and give way to its regal sister — purple. Whether you infuse deep, punchy hues or opt for a lavender glow, you’re bound to find a color you love.

Less: Cut Crease

More: Halo Eye

Now, we’re not saying goodbye to the cut crease (never!), but we’re making room for the halo eye taking over our insta-feeds. A halo eye is the eyeshadow technique where you bring your eyeshadow underneath your eyes rather than stopping on the outer corner of your lid. This look ranges from subtle to glam so pretty much anyone can give it a try.

Less: Liquid Lipstick

More: Bullet Lipstick

The bullet is back — and we couldn’t be happier. While liquid lipsticks won’t be going away anytime soon, the resurgence of the bullet lipstick is a welcome one and a sign that what is old will eventually become new again. This is your mother’s makeup, but with serious formula upgrades. Yet to find a fave? Try the tried and true Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks; with over 90 shades and finishes, you’re bound to find one you love.

Less: Full Coverage Foundation  

More: Skin Tint

Gone are the days of the full face that dominated the beauty space for years and years. These days, beauty gurus and enthusiasts alike agree that skin is in, opting for lightweight, tinted formulas or concealer-only beats, rather than full coverage makeup that hides every pore, pimple and shadow. 2017 was the year of embracing your “imperfections” — skin included — so it’s no surprise that makeup lovers are switching up their bases in the year ahead.

Less: Rose Gold

More: Gold

Even though we’ll never let our rosé go, we’ve learned everything doesn’t need to be rose gold or millennial pink. We’re calling gold the color to watch in 2018. It will pop up everywhere from highlighters to lipstick and even infused into face oils. Can’t wait to glow? Try Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter in Molten Gold — the perfect highlighter for achieving all over radiance.