These Pinterest Makeup Guides Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know

October 19, 2017
Marisa Petrarca
By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
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Because there’s no harm in turning to a good ‘ol how-to guide for help...

We owe Pinterest many thanks for helping us become who we are today, especially when it comes to helping us navigate the beauty world. Sure, we’ve tried and failed a time or two, but we’ve also managed to learn how to sculpt perfectly defined, thick brows, to figure out the best eyeliner for our eye shape and how to use color-correcting makeup with the help of informative infographics that conveniently live in our Pinterest feed.

As great as makeup tutorials are for walking us through every step of a specific technique or look, oftentimes infographics can give you more specific information about what looks best for you based on your face or eye shape. Plus, they’re a whole lot easier to refer back to than scanning through a video for help. Below, you can find ten of our favorite step-by-step Pinterest guides to help you nail down some tricky makeup trends.


How to Contour For Your Face Shape

This informative infographic explains how to correctly contour for your specific face shape.



How to Strobe

For those trying to get on the strobing trend, this guide describes the three steps to getting the look using a highlighting concealer.



How to Choose the Right Eyeliner For Your Eye Shape

If you’ve ever wondered what eyeliner look is best for your eye shape, this graphic will help you determine if you should keep up your cat eye.



How to Use Color-Correcting Makeup

Color correcting makeup doesn’t have to be confusing, and this chart explains what each specific color will do for you.



How to Combine Two Different Eyeshadow Colors

According to a makeup expert, these are the best eyeshadow combos. This infographic illustrates how each combo will look on your eyelid.



How to Contour Your Eyes for Your Eye Shape

Yes, contouring your eyes is a thing, and this comprehensive guide describes how to accentuate and flatter your specific eye shape.



How to Master All of the Fundamental Techniques

If you’re looking for a guide that will tell you exactly where to apply all of your makeup products, look no further than this handy infographic.



How to Store Your Makeup

Are you storing your beloved makeup products correctly? Check out this guide to make sure you’re taking good care of your brushes and lipstick.



How to Figure Out Which Makeup Brush to Use

This eye makeup brush cheat sheet will tell you the correct name of each brush as well as what it’s meant to do.



How to Know When to Save or Toss Your Makeup

We’re all guilty of holding onto makeup for longer than we actually should. Look to this guide for a definitive answer as to when it’s time to toss your products.


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