7 Redditors Share The Most Embarrassing Beauty Thing They've Done And We're Still Laughing

January 29, 2019
7 Redditors Share The Most Embarrassing Beauty Thing They've Done And We're Still Laughing

A little about me: The first time I attempted a wing, I ended up creating a line so thick that my entire eyelid was covered in $2 drugstore liner. Then there was my foray into foundation, hastily applied with my hands without a blending brush in sight. It was a struggle, and while the years and endless winged-liner flicks have upped my skill level, I can’t help but enjoy a good self-aware chuckle at the expense of my younger, inexperienced self. In a recent thread, redditors from MakeupAddiction decided to take a stroll down memory lane as well, leading to a gem of a convo that is equally cringey and hilarious, if only because it’s all so, so relatable.

Read on for the most hilarious of the bunch:

All That Glitters
“When I was in middle school, I would rub thick, clear lip gloss all over my eyelid and then pack on craft glitter,” says redditor kya101 of tan embarrassing beauty blunder that resulted in glitter getting everywhere by the end of the day. Now that glossy lids are in, we think kya101 might have been onto something.

For the Love of Brows
In a noble attempt at filling in their brows, redditor ILoveBabyBats used brown lipstick to get the job done, adding, “bonus because the lipstick was a warm, medium brown and my brows are a cool, dark brown.”

When You Don’t Always Know Best
Redditor Filthynoodles wasn’t afraid of rocking bold looks throughout middle school, admitting their signature look involved “bright red shadow all over the lid with thick black eyeliner, but only on the lower lash line...paired with a decent-at-best attempt at Xtina’s “Come On Over” blonde with red underneath/streaked hair.” While years have passed and they’ve moved on from the Xtina-inspired phase, the school-picture evidence makes them “flip the photo face down every time.”

Revenge of the Black Liner
It seems like middle school was rife with makeup experimentation, as evidenced by redditor wondernursetele. When their mother stopped them from wearing black eyeliner because it was “too much,” they came up with this innovative alternative: “My solution to look ‘right’ for school-picture day was to smear my mascara beneath my eyes.” Thanks, Mom.

A Touch Too Much
It isn’t unusual to fall in love with a technique or product and go a little overboard, especially when you’re just starting out. This was lemonvinyl’s most embarrassing blunder, which consisted of “putting a thick layer of bronzer all over my face after setting powder, to the point that I looked like the Ronaldo statue.” They have since learned “to be more gentle handed.”

A Bold Look
“I wore blue eyeshadow, so much mascara that my eyelashes were no longer spidery but almost one, hot pink cheeks, and I accidentally shaved off half of one eyebrow.” says miraclebuttcream, who ended up debuting the look to their sister’s older, high school friends (including boys). The horror!

Seeing Red
Redditor FutureSomebody shared their foray into red shadow, which didn’t quite go as planned: “I used to wear red eyeshadow heavily packed on my lids and applied with a sponge eyeshadow applicator. It was a crappy eyeshadow, so I remember spending 15 minutes packing on one eyeshadow color. Anyway, I rubbed my eyes because I forgot it was there, and I had people asking me if I was sick or ill. I even had a teacher ask me if I needed to go to the nurse’s office. I was so confused until I finally went home and looked in the mirror.  The red had blended in nicely with my under eyes, making them look like I was having some sort of allergic reaction.”

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