Beauty Q&A: How Do I Wear a Statement Eye and Bold Lip at the Same Time?

October 12, 2018
Marisa Petrarca
By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
person wearing purple eyeshadow and coral lipstick

We know you’re not new to statement makeup. Either you’re admiring bold makeup looks from afar or you’re one of the beauty influencers bringing the looks to life. If you side with the former, we’re here to tell you to have no fear. A bold makeup look doesn’t have to mean applying 1,000 products to your face or wearing the brightest, most daring shade of eyeshadow from your new palette. Instead, we recommend starting slow — perhaps with a bold lip and eye look for a night out with friends or a day spent experimenting with new makeup look in the comfort of your own bedroom.

We reached out to Lancôme Beauty Advisor Marwah Khamas for her best tips on how to pair a bold lip and bold eye look at the same time. Her tips, ahead.

Do you believe in having to choose between a bold eye and a bold lip? Or can you wear them together?

“I honestly don’t believe in any rules as long as its balanced and properly executed with great blending and precision,” explains Khamas. “I’ve done a dramatic eye, face and lip on a client and it looked great! The thing to consider is 1) Can your client’s face handle the look and 2) will she be confident in something that dramatic. If yes to both, go for it!”

What does the ideal statement eye and lip combo look like for you?

“I would do a neutral smoky eye and dark vampy color on the lip such as a wine or maroon color. Both are dark but still unique and creative.”

What tips do you have for bringing statement eye and statement lip together?

“Keep the outfit and hair simple. When a client has both statements on the face, I usually encourage them to pull her hair back in a slick ponytail or bun. Even a simple hair down, pin straight hair down works well.”

If you’re wondering what this sort of lip looks like in real life, check out this burgundy smoky eye and bold lip makeup tutorial from Denitslava Makeup.


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