These Drugstore Eyeshadow Primers Are the Real Deal

January 09, 2020
These Drugstore Eyeshadow Primers Are the Real Deal

Unless you want your meticulously blended and flawless eye look to crease and mix during the day, eyeshadow primer is a must. It’s a quick step that not only holds your shadows in place but also ups the vibrancy of your chosen pigment. Plus, it creates a barrier between naturally oily eyelids and shadow to prevent common creasing. And get this: you don’t have to break the bank to add a stellar primer to your stash. Need proof? We’ve rounded up the best drugstore eyeshadow primers under $15, ahead.


NYX Professional Makeup Proof It! Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer


Not only does this primer intensify your shadows, it also stops them from creasing and smudging, too. Did we mention it’s also waterproof? The formula is transparent, so you can apply the lightest of shades on top without worry. 


Milani Eyeshadow Primer


This lightweight primer is the key to long-lasting shadow ,and at $7, it’s ultra affordable. The formula applies nude and dries down to an invisible finish — making it a versatile beauty buy. A little goes a long way with this one, so expect to keep it in your stash for a while.


NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Primer


If you’re planning on rocking a super glittery eye look, then this primer is a must-have. It’s perfect for keeping face and body glitters in place throughout the day. There’s virtually no fallout when using this glitter primer, and it washes off with ease. It’s a flawless formula that you should add to cart, STAT. 

Ulta Matte Eye Primer

Whether you’re rocking a pigment, pressed shadow or mousse formula, this eye primer will work like a charm. Its thin, light-weight formula makes it a dream to blend and stops even the oiliest of eyelids from creasing. At $12, it’s a little pricier than the other beauty buys on this list, but it’s totally worth it.


Maybelline New York Master Prime Long-Lasting Eye Shadow Base

Available in three variations, Prime + Smooth, Prime + Matte and Prime + Illuminate, this long-lasting primer is great for achieving almost any look. It’s also non-irritating, making it a no-brainer buy for anyone with sensitive or tear-prone eyes.  

E.l.f. Cosmetics All Day Stay Eyeshadow Primer 


If you frequently find yourself doing eyeshadow touch-ups in the bathroom on your lunch break to keep your eye makeup looking strong, there’s a problem. That being said, it’s something that this eyeshadow primer will have fixed in no time. Just apply a thin coat in the morning, let it dry, put on your shadow and enjoy a full day of crease-free eye makeup. 

L’oréal Paris Magic DeCrease Eyelid Primer

Say goodbye to creasing eyeshadow — permanently. This formula is the real deal; you’ll get long-wear from morning until night. It’s creamy, blendable and extends wear for up to eight hours. 


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