Try This Hooded Eyeliner Hack For Winged Liner

February 15, 2019 logo
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person with hooded eyes wearing winged eyeliner

When you have hooded eyelids, creating a perfect wing can seem impossible. Your eyes tend to crease and fold where others lay flat, making the traditional “wing it out” eyeliner method ineffective. But all is not lost. Getting a perfect wing is still within reach — you just have to get a little more creative with your technique. Cue the subreddit MakeupAddiction, where practical makeup tips come to life and change your eyeliner game for the better. This hack was originally posted by Reddit user never-ender who admitted that they were “today years old” when they learned how to use eyeliner on their “extremely hooded” lids.

The key to getting the flawless wing, says never-ender, is to create a curved line that dips into the crease. This allows for the liner to appear straight when the eyes are open, and the curve disappears into the crease. It’s OK if the wing doesn’t look traditional with your eyes closed (like this Redditor) because the straight on view is practically perfect. To see the technique in action, watch this tutorial by Jade Madden, ahead:

STEP 1: Start by following the angle of the bottom lash line up to the outer corner of your upper lash line and mark lightly using an angled brush.

STEP 2: Next, take a liquid liner line like the Lancôme Artliner Precision Point Liquid Liner and follow the guide, flicking it out to your desired length.

STEP 3: Meeting the line almost near its end, draw a line back toward your lash line, creating a triangle shape; then fill it in.

STEP 4: Tightline the rest of the lash line using the liquid liner.

STEP 5: At the wing’s thickest point, draw a line toward the crease to create the appearance of a straight wing. To ensure you’ve nailed it, look straight ahead and apply with your eyes open.

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