Kit Kat-Inspired Eyeshadow Palettes Exist

October 02, 2019
By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
Kit Kat-Inspired Eyeshadow Palettes Exist

With the holidays surprisingly approaching, the need for chocolate in all shapes, sizes and forms is at an all-time high. Bring on the holiday cookies, boxes of assorted chocolates, and if we’re really living our best lives, chocolate-covered strawberries. To further enable our holiday-inspired chocolate fervor, we’re excited to share that K-Beauty brand Etude House just dropped the most adorable eyeshadow palette. Enter, the Kit Kat-inspired eyeshadow palette that’ll win over the the hearts and eyes of foodies everywhere.

The palette comes in Original Milk Chocolate and White Strawberry Chocolate varieties. Both palettes contain six highly pigmented matte and shimmery shades. Milk Chocolate is made of up warm brown and red-toned neutrals, and White Strawberry contains lighter pink hues. We’re coveting both with equal enthusiasm.

As if this whole situation couldn’t get any cuter, the eyeshadow palettes come in a little Kit Kat pouch to keep ’em safe. Although the palettes aren’t available in the US just yet, we encourage you to keep an eye out on eBay — we have a feeling they’ll appear there soon.

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