5 Matte Eyeshadow Looks to Try Next Time You Do Your Makeup

August 02, 2018
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Unpopular opinion: Matte eyeshadows are the unsung heroes of the eyeshadow palette. They’re the brown transition shades that make a cut crease pop and the hidden base of a smoky eye. And although all-matte eyeshadow looks have become increasingly popular over the years, shimmery metallic shades continue to create buzz on the interwebs and beyond. While we do appreciate some glitter in our makeup looks (especially on the eye), we love to reach for our mattes for everyday eye looks. Matte eyeshadows are also a great way to do bold, one-color eye looks in bright colors — proving they might just be the most versatile product in your stash.

Need some inspo for your next eyeshadow look? Let these tutorials be your guide.

For When You’re Feeling Peachy

Beauty guru KathleenLights creates a matte peach smoky eye in the tutorial ahead using an assortment of warm, perfect-for-fall shades:

The Summer-y Eye Look You Can Rock Year Round

In Roxette Arisa’s drugstore makeup tutorial she creates a matte eye look you can definitely try at home. We love the light, sunset-y look — it’s the perfect look for a beginner to try:



For Those Instagrammable Moments

This soft glam eyeshadow tutorial by Briana Del Aguila is the stuff Instagram selfies are made of:


The Shadow Tutorial You’ll Want To Wear Everyday

For hooded eye babes, eyeshadow looks can be particularly difficult. Uche Natori makes it a lot easier in the tutorial ahead, using warm fall shades that make us suddenly crave whip cream topped lattes:



The Eyeshadow Look You Can’t Miss

Matte shadows don’t need to be soft or neutral. This bright, one-shade tutorial by Christiana’s Closet proves it:



Pretty In Pink

If affordable matte shadows are your forte, then you need to see this tutorial by Jenn Im. It might just save your wallet — and your blending technique:

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