Pastel Smoky Eye Looks You’ll Heart

December 07, 2020
Samantha Holender
By: Samantha Holender | by L'Oréal
Pastel Smoky Eye Looks You’ll Heart

I love a smoky eye, but I find dark shadow mega intimidating. There’s just so much that can go awry during the blending process! That’s why when I started noticing that Instagram beauty lovers we’re showing off smoky eyes with a pastel twist (think: baby blues, light pinks and lavender purples), I immediately became obsessed with the trend. Want in on the light, dreamy look? I’m sharing my favorite pastel smoky eye makeup swipes for inspiration, ahead.

Pretty in Pink

For a vibe that’s sweet as can be, recreate this soft pink look. It’s super versatile, too. You can pair it with rhinestones like in the photo below or opt for a red lip and berry blush to create a look that’s perfect for the holidays.

Green Goddess 

Allow this to be a prime example of how to wear green eyeshadow — and look cool while doing it. This is a more monotone smoky eye, but the glitter sheen on top gives it an automatic upgrade. Get ready to recreate it, STAT. 

Baby Blues 

Whether you’re looking for a holiday eyeshadow look or simply want to go all-out for an iconic Instagram photo, we highly suggest replicating this look. You’ll need a baby blue base, a deeper blue shade for the outer corner, white to add dimension and a pop of purple for the inner corner.

Taste the Rainbow 

You’re going to need just about every pastel shade under the sun (and a neon pink eyeliner) to do this look at home, but the final product makes all the blending worth it. Just make sure to use different brushes to keep the colors separate.

Tie Dye 

You’ll want to wear this pink and purple pastel smoky eye on repeat (much like that tie-dye sweat suit you refuse to take off). Feel free to swap out the colors, but keep the darker shade on the outer edge and lower lash line. 

Photography and Makeup: Jonet Williamson, Design: Hannah Packer

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