Runway Makeup Report

March 06, 2017
By: | by L'Oréal
models backstage at fashion shows

Your Sneak Peek at the New York Fall/Winter 2017 Fashion Shows

Get ready to take your makeup to the dark side. This season’s backstage makeup trends were all about deep, rich color either on eyes or lips and flawless skin. Shades ranging from vivid reds to the deepest plums and merlots were used not only on lips but eyes too. Whichever feature sported that hue, the opposite was bathed in matte nudes, while brows were groomed to perfection. Come fall, this powerful, confident woman is taking her place front and center.  

Runway Makeup Report

Click through our slideshow for more details on how to get each and every look, plus find out what makeup products you’ll need in your beauty arsenal. 

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