3 Wearable Superhero-Inspired Looks Created Using the Urban Decay x Marvel Studios’ “Eternals” Eyeshadow Palette

October 26, 2021
Ariel Wodarcyk
By: Ariel Wodarcyk | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
Urban Decay Marvel Studios Eternals Eyeshadow Palette Looks

The best way to describe the new Urban Decay x Marvel Studios’ “Eternals” Eyeshadow Palette? Showstopping. Take a peek inside the iridescent midnight blue packaging, and you’re met with a 3D graphic pop-up element embellished with intricate gold detailing. Beneath that, you’ll find 15 richly pigmented shadows inspired by the strength, agility and grace of the Eternals’ immortal warriors. Choose from an array of gold-infused glitters, creamy mattes and densely packed shimmers, in shades that span from rich neutrals to striking jewel tones. The number of eyeshadow looks you can create with this palette are infinite, but to see the three characters I chose to channel with it, keep reading. 


Ajak is the strong yet spiritual leader of the Eternals. To create a look worthy of this character, I started by blending Devotion, a light brown shade, in my crease. I then used Astrolabe to emphasize my outer corners and create a pronounced, wing-like shape. The main focus of this look is the shade Merciful, a rich, glittering green, that I placed in the center of my lid. Green is a peaceful, harmonious color, which seemed fitting for Ajak. To brighten my inner corners, I applied Family Is Eternal, a rose gold shimmer. The rest of the look was simple — fresh, glowy skin and a glossy pink lip.

Urban Decay x Marvel Studios’ “Eternals” Eyeshadow Palette


Like all of the Eternals, Thena boasts superhuman strength and agility, but in addition to her skills as a warrior, she is incredibly intelligent. I knew I had to use Immortal Warrior, a true yellow-gold shade, as part of her look. I applied it all over the lid, then blended Loyalty, a warm orangey-brown, in the crease. I couldn’t resist dipping into two more shadows to finish the look: Strength, a warm bronze shade that I applied on the outer corners, and Cosmic Blast, a soft champagne, on the inner corners. The glitters in this palette are extremely pigmented, especially if you apply them with your fingers. I let the eyes take center stage by pairing them with a shimmery nude lip and a holographic gold highlighter on the cheeks. 

Urban Decay x Marvel Studios’ “Eternals” Eyeshadow Palette Thena


Makkari, known for his out-of-this-world speed and strength, deserved a look that was simple yet impactful. I decided to experiment with the matte shadows in this palette, starting by brushing Grain of Sand, a warm medium brown, all over my lid. I then traced my upper lash line with Sonic Boom, a clay-colored shade that has a silver sparkle overlay but goes on matte. I finished the look with a smudgy red lip, strong brows and contoured cheekbones.

Urban Decay x Marvel Studios’ “Eternals” Eyeshadow Palette Makkari

Photo: Ariel Wodarcyk

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