This Heart Shaped Palette is Better Than a Box of Chocolates

February 01, 2018
By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
This Heart Shaped Palette is Better Than a Box of Chocolates

Ready or not, it’s February 1. Depending on your personal opinion of Valentine’s Day, the beginning of this month means you’re either happily stocking up on heart-shaped boxes of chocolates from CVS or planning out a way to hide out in your room for the next 13 days. But this year, we have a different option that we think both Valentine’s Day enthusiasts and adversaries can get on board with. Enter, two unique heart-shaped makeup products from Winky Lux to gift to yourself for the holiday — and yup, they’re just as good (and maybe even better) than flowers and candy.

Winky Lux is known for its trendy, photo-ready makeup products and playful aesthetic that was miraculously brought to life in November in NYC. Some of the brand’s most loved products are the Flower Balm, which has a chrysanthemum in its bullet, the feline-inspired Kitten Palette and holographic lip gloss. To celebrate the upcoming holiday, Winky Lux has released two new products, starting with the Smitten Palette, which contains six highly pigmented eyeshadows in both matte and metallic shades. The packaging is nearly identical to an actual box of chocolates, which makes it very ideal for an Instagram post or a gift for your makeup obsessed friend. The second heart-themed product is the Steal My Heart Lipstick Pill — a buildable, dual-core lipstick with a heart-shaped bullet that comes in three shades: a baby pink shade called Be Mine, a classic red shade called Kiss Me and an orange-red shade named Call Me.

And if you’re as obsessed with both products like we are, you can get them both for just $28 dollars from now through Valentine’s Day. Without the discount, the palette will cost you $22 and the lipstick will cost you $14, so you’ll save a precious $8 to put towards actual chocolates — because we know you’ll need those, too.


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