The Best “American Horror Story” Halloween Tutorials on YouTube

October 13, 2017
Alanna Martine Kilkeary
By: Alanna Martine Kilkeary | by L'Oréal

If there are any trademark horror characters of the 21st century, Ryan Murphy’s imaginative figures from American Horror Story take the blood-curdling cake. Even better, the makeup on the show is perfect for Halloween — so we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite AHS inspired tutorials, bringing the universes of “Murder House,” “Hotel” and “Freak Show” to life.


Step 1: Kristi starts off with a blank (and shaven!) canvas on her husband’s face — and begins to sketch out skull shapes with a NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil in Black.

Step 2: She then traces the teeth and jawlines, as well as the neck vertebrae.

Step 3: Kristi uses a the NYX Professional Makeup SFX Cream Paint in White to create a white-wash over the skin.

Step 4: With a black Mehron paint, she paints the parts of the faces with the most pigment — the eyes, the nose and the sides of the skull.

Step 5: Using a white cream paint, Kristi paints in the teeth, blending them upward to give each tooth a three dimensional look.

Step 6: To set the teeth lines, Kristi gives more dimension to the lines by blending out NYX Professional Makeup Hot Black Eyeshadow over top.

Step 7: Kristi goes on to add extra detail to the teeth: shading in the gumlines with more black shadow.

Step 8: Kristi then paints in striations and vertebrae on the neck.

Step 9: She sets the whole look the NYX Professional Makeup SFX Set Powder.



Step 1: After prepping and priming her face, Jacky applies a beige-champagne to her lid as a base color — adding a transitional darker beige to her crease (being sure to flick it out to her outer eyelid to create that vampy feel).

Step 2: Next, she uses Mocha from the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette, and places that into her crease. She then puts Sheer Joy from the same palette onto the middle of the lid.

Step 3: Jacky lines her upper lash line with Noir from the IT Cosmetics Pretty Palette, winging it out to create a super thin smoked-out cat eye and lining it on her lower lash line. Next, she applies false lashes.

Step 4: Jacky then applies her foundation and conceals her under eye circles with the NYX Professional Makeup Lavender Concealer.

Step 5: Next, Jacky highlights with the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer on all the high points of her face.

Step 6: Then, she cream contours her face to achieve those Countess features — and highlights using the L’Oreal Paris Lumi Liquid Illuminator.

Step 7: Jacky spoolies a super beige cream over her eyebrows to give them a bleached appearance, and then sets all of her makeup with the Urban Decay Naked Powder.

Step 8: Jacky finishes off her Countess look with a signature beauty mark and a kickass red lip.



Step 1: Alex starts off this twisted tutorial by outlining the clown’s mouth mask.

Step 2: He then goes in and draws on white, rounded teeth with a white paint and adds a red paint to the gums — buffing it into the black smile line.

Step 3: Alex then outlines the individual teeth with a black paint.

Step 4: He then picks up a mustard-brown shadow to tap onto the teeth and create a dirty effect — adding a little white cream paint over top to give the teeth some texture.

Step 5: Alex takes more of his white face paint and stipples it all over his face.

Step 6: He goes back in with a black eyeshadow to dust that all over the outside of the mouth.

Step 7: He grabs more red and black face paint and creates the top of the mask detail to give it a more three dimensional feel.

Step 8: Alex goes on to cover his eyebrows in with the white face paint and a disposable spoolie and dirties up his face with a mixture of black and white stippling.

Step 9: He finishes off his eyes with red clown details and uses dark shadow to create under eye circles.

Step 10: Finally, Alex adds the top mask line in a buffed out ombre effect and adds costume blood along the top.


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