One Eyeshadow Palette, Three Date-Night Makeup Tutorials for Valentine’s Day

February 07, 2020
Marisa Petrarca
By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
One Eyeshadow Palette, Three Date-Night Makeup Tutorials for Valentine’s Day

Getting ready for date night is always an adventure, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Are you going to stick with a classic makeup look or switch things up to show off your unique personality and aesthetic this year? We personally tend to go with a combination of the two, using a makeup tutorial as a visual aid and one of our favorite trusty eyeshadow palettes. A Valentine’s Day-esque palette we can’t stop raving about is the pink-toned Lancôme Monsieur Big Heart-Shaped Eyeshadow Palette. It’s safe to say that this 12-pan palette was born to create stunning Valentine’s Day beauty looks. It’s divided into three sections, each group featuring four shades that are intended to be used together to create looks for different levels of dates — the Big Crush, the Big Date and the Big Night. 

Ahead, you’ll find three beauty tutorials we created using the palette — and the dates we’d personally pair them with. Or, if you’re going on an all-day adventure, the looks each build on each other, so you can try ’em all.


The Date: A Picnic in the Park or Day Trip to a New City

The Look: Fresh-Faced With a Flirty Hint of Pink


STEP #1: Start by going about your usual complexion routine: foundation, concealer, blush, contour. Whatever else makes you feel your most confident.

STEP #2: Cover your entire eyelid with the light pink base color shadow found in the Big Crush section of the palette. 

STEP #3: Apply the medium pink corner shadow from the same section to your outer corners and blend toward your crease.

STEP #4: Pop the shimmery pink highlight shade in the center of your lid and inner corners to brighten up your eyes. 

STEP #5: Add mascara to your top lashes. We’re big fans of Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara — but curl ’em first if you want your eyes to look bigger.

The Date: Dinner and a Movie

The Look: Sophisticated and Sexy



STEP #1: Repeat all of the steps from the look above. Then, add the glittery, light-pink base color shadow from the Big Date section of the palette on top of your lid for a bolder look that makes your eyes pop. 

STEP #2: Apply a mix of burgundy liner and hot pink corner shadow, also in the Big Date section, to your crease and lower lash line.

STEP #3: Sweep more of the shimmery base color shadow on top of your lid and then blend. 

STEP #4: Finish with a dusty rose lip color like Lancôme Mademoiselle Shine in Parisian Kiss for a high-shine finish.

The Date: Dancing All Night

The Look: Sultry AF



STEP #1: Repeat all of the steps from both looks above and then add the deep pink highlight color shadow from the Big Night section on top of your lid. 

STEP #2: Blend the burgundy liner shade into your crease and lower lash line. 

STEP #3: Line your top lash line and lower waterline with a black liner pencil like the Maybelline New York Tattoostudio Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil.

STEP #4: Trace over your top lash line and add a cat-eye wing with an easy-to-use liquid liner like Lancôme Artliner Liquid Eyeliner.

STEP #5: Slick on your boldest red lipstick like Lancôme Mademoiselle Shine in French Appeal.


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