How to Donate Beauty Products to Women’s Shelters

March 07, 2019
By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
How to Donate Beauty Products to Women’s Shelters

Beauty products, without a doubt, make great gifts for all ages. Lipstick and nail polish will never disappoint and we can always make room for lotions, soaps and hair care. But over the years, it’s easy to forget about certain products, say that dark purple lipstick you told yourself you’d experiment with one day or that body wash that’s sitting in the back of your cabinet. Before you commit to a Marie-Kondo level of beauty reorganization this spring, set aside some gently-used or brand new products to donate instead of throwing out.

In honor of International Women’s Day, consider donating unused (or just barely-used!) beauty products to women in need. Something as simple as hotel soap or a rollerball fragrance might be small to you, but to someone else, it could mean the world. Find a guide to donating below:

Bring Products to Your Local Women’s Shelter

Local women’s shelters accept self-care and beauty products, though some have more specific requests than others. Before making the trip, make a phone call to schedule a time to drop off products and to find out what they need. For help finding a women’s shelter near you, check out this website.

Donate Through an Organization

Project Beauty Share is an organization that donates personal hygiene, beauty products and makeup to women and families who are overcoming hardship. “Women who are poverty-stricken or women-in-transition cannot afford these luxury items,” writes Julie Farley, founder of Project Beauty Share. “A lot of what we do is about health and hygiene, but it’s really about dignity. Project Beauty Share wants to help women regain their dignity and get back on their feet.” This organization accepts unused products ranging from moisturizer and deodorant to foundation and new makeup brushes. For a more thorough guide on what’s accepted and what’s not, check out the organization’s checklist here.

Another organization with a mission to empower women is Dress for Success. This program aims to help women achieve economic independence by providing them with support, clothing and developmental tools. According to its donation guidelines, Dress for Success needs unopened cosmetics and toiletries with an expiration date at least six months in the future, plus new hygiene and grooming products. They’re also looking for packaged and unopened fragrances. Find your local Dress for Success affiliate here.

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