5 Ways to Style Short Hair

December 08, 2019
Samantha Holender
By: Samantha Holender | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
5 Ways to Style Short Hair

Let’s debunk the myth that people with short hair have easy hair. Yes, rolling out of bed is totally A-OK, but actually styling short hair can be a bit tricky. Read: flyaways, cowlicks, ponytail dilemmas; the list goes on. Whether you already have hair above your shoulders or are considering chopping off your strands, we’re here to provide some styling inspiration. Read on for our favorite, chic tutorials that will get you and your short hair through any occasion.

Short Hairstyle #1: Need a Ponytail? No Problem 

When you’re in sweat-mode, there’s nothing worse than having heavy hair on your neck. Thinking about it makes us cringe. Unfortunately, short hair doesn’t always make its way into the rubber band. Familiar with the struggle? This tutorial by Kayley Melissa is an under-five-minute solution. To avoid a droopy, saggy ponytail, she instructs you to separate your hair into two bunches and rubberband them individually. Then, go in with a third ponytail holder and  you combine the sections for a thick, voluminous effect. Rock this look to the gym or even play it up for a night out with friends. 


Short Hairstyle #2: Just Showered 

When wet hair looks gained popularity on the beauty scene, we were skeptical for sure. But the just-showered look has quickly become one of our favorite, on-trend styles. It’s crazy easy and effortlessly chic. Sandra Shehab gives a tutorial that required nothing but a wet head, some texture gloss, texture spray and hairspray. Our favorite product for achieving this shiny look is the L’Oréal Paris Lock It Extreme Style Gel


Short Hairstyle #3: Half-Up, Half-Down 

Hate to admit it, but some days you just need a little dry shampoo and a half-up, half-down ’do. This tutorial by Chancy Cone is cute take on the classic style. She adds a messy top knot to her already styled loose waves — it’s the perfect look for just about any occasion or, well, to hide greasy hair. 


Short Hairstyle #4: Effortlessly Boho 

PSA: Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean updos are out of the question. And Brittany Marie is here to show you just how to pull one off. In the first half of the tutorial, she gives a step-by-step guide for getting effortlessly, natural-looking beachy waves. Then, in part two, she breaks down how to execute a chic, low chignon with wispy pieces framing your face. This tutorial is a much-watch if you have any parties, weddings or events coming up on the calendar. 


Short Hairstyle #5: A Mohawk Braid 

We can’t stop obsessing over this edgy-meets-chic look courtesy a la Milabu. After creating a center part, she takes a bit of hair from either side and creates two, Dutch braids along the top of her head. The key here is pulling everything tight and making sure to fasten a rubber band at the back. This style is also great if you have bangs and want to keep them out of your face for the day. 


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