9 Makeup Trends Redditors Want to See Die in 2019

January 16, 2019
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With 2019 in full swing and out-of-office emails (sadly) a thing of the past, we’ve turned our attention to the new year and the makeup looks we’ll be wearing all year round. Naturally, we’ve also been lurking in the halls of Reddit’s MakeupAddiction, one of our favorite places to pick up beauty tips, find makeup inspo and cheer for stunning before and afters. Recently, reddittors turned their attention to the makeup trends they want to die in 2019, and now we’re rethinking a few of our tried and true techniques. See which ones they’re sending to the grave this year and beyond, ahead:

Too Dark/ Drawn-On Brows

One of the most popular trends Redditors want gone is drawn-on brows — with 132 upvotes and no comments necessary. This suggestion was offered up by Redditor Doggokaye who’s had enough of makeup moments where you, “can clearly see that the real brow is a tiny sliver in the middle of a very bold, very flat brow.” Redditor Alexandrahhhh (along with a few others) offered up a similar plea for 2019, with 169 upvotes and a few affirmative comments sealing the deal. In other words, dimension is the name of the game in 2019 (and maybe a little eyebrow serum).

Overlined Lips

Gone are the days when overlined lips reigned supreme, which Redditor Thegirlontheledge says looks like, “you can’t color inside the lines.” One Redditor pointed out that when done correctly, the naked eye shouldn’t be able to tell, so that doesn’t mean you have to completely do away with the trend. Opt for a subtler look instead and stay close to your natural lip line.

Concealer All Over The Face

Sorry concealer fans, but redditors are calling out concealer-only routines. “Wtf is foundation for?” says Redditor Megisaurus, who was met with 100 upvotes and affirmative comments. The original poster Iamafoxiamafox chimed in and credited YouTube with popularizing the trend: “YouTube mua's put concealer all over their t-zone, jaw, forehead... in real life this turns out so cakey looking”. In other words, concealer is the icing, not the entire cake — use in moderation.

Too Much Foundation

Another pain point for Redditors and side effect of YouTube/Instagram makeup tutorials is “48 pumps of foundation in one look,” which while hyperbolic, is a comment on the tendency for beauty gurus to use lots of foundation in their makeup looks. To avoid this makeup mistake, start with one pump and build — it’s easier than fixing a cakey base.

Non-Biodegradable Glitter

Redditor 5omnifer sounds off on non-biodegradable glitter which, in the long run, can harm the environment. Traditional glitter is made from micro-plastics that don’t fully degrade after use and can end up in our oceans. The solution? Opt for environmentally conscious brands for all of your festival looks instead.

False Lashes

The most popular suggestion, offered by Pyxiis (with no less than 200 upvotes) was false lashes, which was met with mixed reviews. Pyxiis prefers the enhancements for special occasions but sees everyday use as “too much,” while other redditors who wear them daily offered care and cleaning tips so you can reuse them to your heart’s content.

Excessive Product Launches

Last year we saw lots of new products — it felt like every week there was a new palette or lippie that we absolutely had to have. Well, Redditors are fed up and would like to see fewer products rolling out in 2019. “It’s hard to keep up, but also hard to stay interested when brands are so obviously pushing quantity over quality”, says Redditor Forgotenzepazzword. Only buy what you really need (using need loosely here) in 2019 beauty junkies — your stash (and wallet) will thank you.

Highlighter On the Tip of the Nose

Sorry highlight angel babies; Reddit has spoken and nose highlights are (kind of) out for 2019. The argument is divided and impassioned, with one Redditor likening it to “a blinding sunbeam on the tip of nose” while another refuses to give it up. On the bright side, not everyone agrees so we’ll chalk this one up to personal preference and advise everyone to highlight wherever they please (even if it’s all over).

Thick Winged Liner

This classic makeup look is up for debate in 2019 with Redditors favoring a thinner wing so as to not obscure more complex eyeshadow looks. Iamafoxiamafox sums it up in their comment: “Let's spend 30 minutes on the most complicated 10-shadow eye look, then slap on 4mm thick wings so you can't even see the eyeshadow!”

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