6 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials for When You Forget a Costume

September 23, 2019
Jessica Harrington
By: Jessica Harrington | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
6 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials for When You Forget a Costume

Halloween is always on October 31 and yet, it seems to sneak up on us out of nowhere year after year. So, you totally forgot to plan out a costume for this year and now you're panicking because you have a party coming up — now what? Ahead, we rounded up six easy makeup tutorials that will help you pull off a costume that’s sure to impress in no time.  

Deer Makeup Tutorial

With a big focus on the eyes, this deer-inspired makeup tutorial is easy to pull off last minute. Apply a light brown, neutral smoky eye and then line it with black and white eyeliner. After that, all you need is a black nose and white spots around your eyes and cheeks. Try it at home with this quick tutorial. 

Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

Once you apply a full face of makeup as a base, use a purple eyeshadow to contour your face. A pair of fishnets will be your best friend to add texture to your makeup and give you a scaly pattern. Metallic eye makeup and pearl detailing will be the finishing touches to the look.

Clown Makeup Tutorial

If you only have a few products at your disposal, this clown makeup tutorial is your best bet. All you need is a dark smoky eyeshadow palette, black eyeliner and a deep red lip to pull it off. The contacts and false eyelashes are totally option but definitely score you extra style points. 

Angel Makeup Tutorial

You’ll look angelic on Halloween with this speedy angel makeup tutorial. The focal point of the look is a shimmery white eye look and rhinestones under your brow bone. Finish it off with a light pink lip and — you guessed it — more glitter.

Scarecrow Makeup Tutorial

If you have a flannel and a straw hat in your closet, you have yourself a last-minute Halloween costume. This makeup look involves a brown and gold eye makeup look, intense blush and detailing with black liner. The stitching around your mouth, eyes and nose are a must.

Cat Makeup Tutorial

A cat makeup tutorial wouldn’t be complete without a dramatic cat-eye. Finish off the look with a black nose, whiskers and a red lip. Just don’t forget your cat ears and you’ll have yourself a completed look for Halloween. 

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