I Tried 3 Viral Makeup Hacks You Can Do With a Bobby Pin

November 16, 2021
Ariel Wodarcyk
By: Ariel Wodarcyk | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
person holding black bobby pin up to camera
As classic as they are, bobby pins have never been a mainstay in my hair-care routine — I’m a scrunchie girl through and through. But when I started seeing beauty influencers using the pins to carve out precise nose contours and sharpen their winged eyeliner all over my Instagram and TikTok feeds, my curiosity got the best of me. I experimented with three beauty hacks using a bobby pin — keep reading to see whether the tricks actually helped step up my makeup game.

The Cat Eye

As someone with hooded lids and an unsteady hand, I’m always looking for ways to simplify winged eyeliner. Unfortunately, this was not one of them. I tried pressing the open part of the bobby pin against the outer corner of my eye, and while it worked fairly well for my left eye, I wasn’t a fan of how thick the wing was and I found it more difficult than usual to get the wings to match when I moved on to my right eye. For some reason, I found it harder to get the bobby pin to lay flat on my right eye (I think the hand placement was just too awkward) and the wing ended up looking completely different. Hence, the below image that only showcases my left eye. It worked much better for @giseleayora though, so it may just depend on your eye shape.

person wearing cat eye makeup

The Inner Corner Liner

I had higher hopes for this hack, where I pinched the top of my nose with the open part of the bobby pin. The trick is meant to create tension that pulls the inner corners of your eyes further inwards, as seen here on @leilanikeaa. This worked, but only if I held the bobby pin in place while doing so — otherwise it immediately slid off my nose and snapped shut. Still, it gave my eyes a more elongated, feline effect, and it also made it a lot easier to tightline using the NYX Epic Wear Liner Stick in Pitch Black. I would definitely try this again! 

person wearing gold eyeshadow and black liner on upper lash line

The Nose Contour

There are a couple ways to apply nose contour with a bobby pin, one of which is opening the pin and holding it in a U-shape on either side of your nose. This method did not work for me — not only did the bobby pin keep sliding off no matter how much I manipulated it, it also caused my foundation underneath to move around. I decided to test out a different method, where I held the flat side of the bobby pin on each side of my nose and used it as a guide to apply the Giorgio Armani Beauty Neo Nude Melting Color Balm in Cool Brown in a straight line. This worked better, but I wasn’t wowed (maybe because I’m not a huge nose contour fan in the first place). 

person wearing gold eyeshadow

Do Bobby Pin Beauty Hacks Work? 

Unfortunately, I think most bobby pin hacks are more gimmicky than they are useful. For every positive (sharper inner corner eyeliner, a straight contour line), there were more negatives (smudged foundation, awkward hand placement, a bobby pin squeezing the sides of my nose too hard and snapping off). While I’m glad I tried some new methods, I’ll continue practicing my cat eye and contour the traditional way. 



Photo: Ariel Wodarcyk

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