The Biggest Instagram and TikTok Beauty Trends of 2020

December 08, 2020
Sarah Ferguson
By: Sarah Ferguson | by L'Oréal

For many, 2020 was the year of staying home. To keep ourselves entertained, we spent a lot of time scrolling through Instagram and TikTok in search of fun makeup and nail art looks to ogle and genius beauty hacks to try. Over the past 300-some days, we discovered too many creative trends to count, but if we had to pick our faves, it would boil down to the five below. From abstract art-inspired manis to no-heat hairstyling hacks, these are the best beauty trends we found on Instagram and TikTok this year.

Abstract Nail Art

Abstract nails seriously put the art in nail art. The look is chic, simple and an accessory in and of itself. It’s like having a mini museum exhibit on your nails. The color combinations are endless, and the pattern especially pops on a clear, acrylic nail or unpolished base. Whenever I see an abstract mani pop up on my Instagram feed, I automatically save it to my mood board — I’m obsessed. — Jillian, senior social media editor

Creative Cut Creases

Creating a sharp cut crease is a skill that has always eluded me. While I won’t attempt it IRL, I do enjoy marveling at the look on Insta. This year, the makeup artists I follow really got creative with the technique by using embellishments like rhinestones and pearls or painting floral and animal print motifs on the area. Talk about eye candy. — Sarah, senior editor

A No-Heat Curling Hack

I've tried plenty of heatless curling hacks and every single time I'm left with awkward dents and frizz. After scrolling through TikTok and finding this tutorial on curling your hair using a robe strap, my life was changed. Essentially, after taking a shower, you lay the robe strap on top of your head so that you have two equal sides of the strap on each side of your head. Then, you wrap each side of damp hair around the strap going away from your face and tie the ends with an elastic. Leave it in overnight and the results offer the most effortless curls. — Genesis, assistant editor

Embellished Freckles

I think the faux freckle trend seen on Instagram is going to slowly inspire more IRL looks (particularly when masks are a thing of the past). Instagram artists have gotten so good at creating freckle art with various embellishments (from pearls and rhinestones to dainty shapes and lines) that the trend is just too intriguing for makeup fans and followers to not follow suit and recreate their own versions. — Alanna, associate editor

Middle Parts

Given the obscene amount of time I spend on TikTok, I've watched, obsessed over and tried just about every beauty hack that's gone viral. My personal favorite, though, is the resurgence of the middle part. I retired mine in middle school but after seeing so many people switch out their side parts for middle ones, I felt inspired. And after a few weeks of training my hair, I can confidently say that this TikTok trend has forever changed the way I style my hair. Middle part for the win, people! — Sam, assistant editor
Photos (from top): Luis Omar Landestoy, Pat

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