This Limited-Edition Lancôme Highlighter Is So Much Better Than a Dozen Roses

October 01, 2018
Marisa Petrarca
By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
Lancôme La Rose Blush Poudrer Highlighter

In a world where a new eyeshadow palette drops nearly every week, we crave uniqueness, be it in the form of new makeup formulas like powder-to-cream, swanky limited-edition collabs that run the risk of selling out in minutes and unbelievable makeup sets that appear in our dreams at night. So if you’re a makeup lover who craves the good stuff on the same level we do, we have some major beauty news for you that won’t disappoint. Thanks to makeup artist Charlotte Wood, we just got word that Lancôme is bringing back their famous La Rose Blush Poudrer Highlighter, but in a brand-new shade named Starlight Sparkle. The best part? The iridescent gold highlighter is packaged to look just like a real rose and it’s quite possibly the most beautiful product-meets-work-of-art we’ve ever seen.

Some background: this isn’t the first time the La Rose Blush Poudrer has seen the light of day. In fact, the highlighter used to be available in an illuminating blush shade inside of similar, vintage-inspired packaging. As expected, the people loved its shape, but were disappointed in its color payoff. We haven’t been able to swatch the petals of the Starlight Sparkle Highlighter yet, but according to the swatches we have seen, it looks pretty damn good.  Personally, this might be one of those makeup products we use sparingly to conserve its pristine petals, but collect to display on our vanity — and take photos of, naturally.

We don’t have an official word on where or when you can get your hands on this beauty, but stay tuned, because we have a feeling Lancôme has even more in store.

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