Is All That Glitters Really Gold? One Editor Puts the L’Oréal Paris Gold Mirage Collection to the Test

July 13, 2020
By: Alanna Martine Kilkeary | by L'Oréal
l'oreal paris gold mirage

Give me gold highlighter all day, every day, but when it comes to gold eyeshadow and lip gloss, I’m not sure I’m a believer. I’ve always preferred gold as an accent makeup shade on my complexion — not a focal point — and have been apprehensive about coating my eyelids or lips in glittering gold shadow or gloss. But like any beauty editor, I’m forever on the hunt for a product or two that will change my mind. So when L’Oréal Paris dropped its Gold Mirage Collection at Ulta Beauty, I knew I had to put it to the test. The limited-edition collection contains all-new eyeshadow and lip gloss offerings and the cult-favorite Bronze It and Lumi Glotion (they come in special packages available only in store). Is all that glitters really gold? I was eager to find out. Read on for my review of the eyeshadow and lip gloss.

First, I tried the Gold Mirage Shimmering Eyeshadow, which comes in four colors — Pink Quartz, a gold-flecked pink, Sandstone, a beige gold, Opalite, a bright silvery gold, and Tiger’s Eye, a rich, Midas gold. Without hesitation, I gravitated toward Tiger’s Eye because I knew its copper undertone would be the perfect match for my olive complexion. Next, I had to choose a Gold Mirage Crushed Quartz Lip Gloss. The shimmering lippie comes in Copper Quartz, a penny color hue, Gold Quartz, a platinum gold, Bronze Quartz, a browny-gold, and Pink Quartz, a bright strawberry-gold. I opted for Gold Quartz because I wanted to contrast the golden eyeshadow with a brighter, lighter shade on my lips. 

I began by applying the shadow with my fingertips; it’s soft and creamy to the touch and doesn’t flake off like other gold glitter shadows I’ve tried. I like how light and buildable the formula is — not too pigmented, yet not too rich. I applied it all over my lid and instantly felt that my eyes looked wider and brighter, and it was easy to apply my favorite gel liner over top. I was pleasantly surprised by the luminosity of the shadow and the fact that it does not appear too chunky or glittery. Instead, it has the sweetest sparkle that catches the light perfectly. 

For the gloss, my first impression was how creamy and non-sticky the formula is. I applied two coats onto my lips. When I blotted them together, I did not feel my pout stick together like a typical glitter gloss might. The smell is soft and sweet (not overpowering), and I love how it creates an overall clear shine with tiny glitter gold flecks sprinkled throughout.

The last test was to see how long my gold shadow and lip would last, and I’m happy to report that it was longer and more durable than I anticipated. The shadow did not budge an inch, and I was able to wear it out in the sun all day and into the evening. As for the gloss, I definitely reapplied a few times but found that my lips felt hydrated and looked glittering pretty much all day, which is all you can really ask for from a lip gloss.

Final Thoughts

I was thoroughly impressed with how much I liked the gold eyeshadow and gloss from the Gold Mirage collection. The gold didn’t feel overwhelming or campy. It complemented my complexion really nicely and added just the right amount of luminosity. I may just trade in my gold highlighter for wearing this combo more often — it convinced me that all the glitters is really gold when it comes to this makeup.

Shop the L’Oréal Paris Gold Mirage Collection at Ulta Beauty until the end of August.

l'oréal paris gold mirage collection

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