Glitter Makeup for People Who Hate Glitter

March 16, 2022
Mary Honkus
By: Mary Honkus | by L'Oréal
Subtle Glitter Makeup for People Who Hate Glitter
Glitter makeup has been dominating runways and social media in 2022. For the glitter-obsessed (like me) this is a dream, but for trend-followers who are glitter-averse, well, it can feel inconceivable to hop on this craze without getting the ick. We get it, glitter gets a bad rep sometimes, but there are makeup products out there that make following this craze fun — even for those who hate glitter. From subtle sparkles to fallout-resistant formulas, find seven makeup products that will turn anyone into a glitter-lover, below.
Design: Juliana Campisi

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