How to Nail the Hottest New Fingertip Trend: Zodiac Nails

July 21, 2017
Karina Giglio
By: Karina Giglio | by L'Oréal
hand with nails painted red holding red essie nail polish

What’s your sign? No, really. And we’re not using it as a cheesy pickup line. Our zodiac strategy puts the quirky coolness factor of your horoscope literally at your fingertips, thanks to Essie celebrity nail pro Michelle Saunders. "I've always been fascinated with astrology and the characteristics of each sign relating to personalities," she says. Saunders even read the 2017 horoscope forecast by the AstroTwins to create 12 custom manicure designs that are, at the risk of being cheesy, out of this world. 

Check out this slideshow to see what’s written (or in this case, painted) in the stars for you, and how to get the look at home.

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